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Coastweek -- Edith Ameyo (centre) joined Kenafric Industries as an intern.  She is now the Company’s footwear factory Human Resources Assistant and looks after 485 permanent and casual workers. She discusses the different types of shoes manufactured by Kenafric with Geoffrey Maingi (right) and Musyoka Mutua (left) workers at the footwear plant.
Internships Offer Opportunities For Fulltime Nairobi Employment

Coastweek -- Over the years, Kenafric Industries Limited, one of the largest manufacturers of confectionery, food, footwear and stationery products in Kenya, has been offering internships which sometimes leads to employment.

This policy has helped many young people to gain work experience at the Company’s factories and departments which preparesthem for the job market in the future.

Edith Ameyo is one of the employees at the Kenafric who started as an intern. In 2014 while still at the Kenya College of Accountancy University pur-suing a Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resources, she joined Kenafric in the human resources department for her internship.

After finishing college she worked at the Company’s confectionery factory and eight months later she was employed as an assistant in the human resources department on a contract basis.

Speaking at Kenafric, Edith Ameyo said:

“I would encourage students to apply for internships because it provides a learning platform for them since they have little experience of the real world.

“It also gives young people opportunities to acquire new skills, abilities and knowledge which could help them in landing jobs. In addition it offers them insights of the organisations they would like to join and build connections with associates who can bebeneficial for their future careers.”

“To demonstrate that you can work for the organization which has given you internship, it is important to finish the temporary period on a high note and work hard on the projects assigned to you. This will go a long way to convincing employers that you are a sound prospect for full time employment.

“Furthermore it is a perfect way to create a favorable impression that can lead to a good reference letter and enhance your curriculum vitae with relevant experiences.”

“When applying for internship it is advisable to deliver the application personally.

“I did that at Kenafric and I was able to see Mr. Mayur Shah, the Company’s Senior Executive Director, on the same day.

“He sent me to the Human Resources Partner and I was given the letter to start immediately.”

“Although it is not guaranteed, most employers are always seeking to add value to their organizations and internships offer opportunities to transition into full-time positions.

“At the Kenafric Industries, I was given the chance to showcase my talent and abilities in my field.

“Finally after working for four months as an intern and one year on contract basis, I was offered a permanent position and I am now a Human Resources Officer.

“I look after 485 permanent employees in the Company’s footwear and stationery factory.”



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