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Coastweek-- Enjoy a walk on the private and serene shores of the Indian ocean at the Serena Beach and Spa Resort, Shanzu.


My Main Course Choice
Was A 'Crab Thermidor'



Coastweek-- Looking for delicious food, attentive service and a relaxed atmosphere ?

Then look no further as Jahazi Seafood Grill at Serena Beach and Spa Resort, Shanzu can offer all these qualities and more.

From the moment you enter Jazahi Seafood Grill at Serena Beach and Spa Resort, Shanzu, you feel both pampered and relaxed;

you are able to peruse the extensive menu at your leisure whilst enjoying the informal atmosphere downstairs with the sand still beneath your toes.

Then you may choose whether to dine in the more formal yet still relaxed upstairs area of the restaurant or to remain down-stairs, as many lunchtime customers do.

Indeed both upstairs and downstairs eating areas provide a light and airy setting in which to enjoy the stunning views of the palm-fringed beach and the ocean lapping at the shore.

Coastweek-- Fine dining at the the Serena Beach and Spa Resort, Shanzu, Mombasa .

We were delighted to be informed by our waiter that during the previous evening diners had enjoyed watching a turtle burying its eggs in the sand just outside the restaurant; this is clearly evidence that Serena Beach and Spa Resort and the Jahazi Seafood Grill work together to maintain a clean beach which supports local marine life.


Coastweek-- Delicious menu at the 'Jahazi Seafood Grill' overlooking the Indian Ocean at Serena Beach and Spa Resort, Shanzu, encompasses a fusion of flavours from Mediterranean to Asian.

Open daily for both lunch and dinner, many of the diners at Jahazi Seafood Grill are guests from either Serena Beach and Spa Resort or from some of the hotels nearby; unlike other hotel restaurants, however, there is a warm and welcoming atmosphere at Jahazi Seafood Grill.

There is no formal dress policy; however this is certainly a restaurant rather than a beach bar.

The menu itself encompasses a fusion of flavours from Mediterranean to Asian and is largely based around fresh fish and seafood, though it also includes chicken and steak as well as some inspiring vegetarian choices such as open vegetable ravioli which are tempting enough for even a devout carnivore !

The starter menu is equally varied and includes rare delicacies such as Norwegian smoked salmon, as well a number of classic lobster dishes.

All guests are encouraged to watch their food being individually grilled on the central grill in the downstairs area, which gives a friendly atmosphere to the dining experience.

Coastweek-- Guests are welcomed at the hotel's lobby with a local Arabic 'kahawa' drink.

Once we were settled in to our relaxing environment, the complimentary appetisers of homemade crab pate and freshly baked bread, as well as homemade Vietnamese spring roll stuffed with calamari arrived promptly and they certainly set the standard high.


Coastweek-- Enjoy fresh breakfast by the Beach.

My prawn and avocado starter was beautifully presented and well-balanced in terms of both flavour and texture.

My guest’s starter of seafood chowder is particularly recommended; it was both creamy and intensely rich and included an assortment of various fresh-tasting seafood.

After cleansing the pallet with a refreshing sorbet course, my main course choice of crab thermidor was rich yet delicate in flavour; flavoured with mustard, mushrooms and cognac and finished with a cheese crust, it was attractively presented inside the crab shell.

The creamy mashed potatoes and various fresh vegetables provided a good accompaniment.

Diners may choose their own accompaniment from a variety of options.

My guest’s piri-piri prawn main course was cooked perfectly to her personal liking and was presented in a similarly appealing manner.

Finally, the very original dessert menu offered a wide array of interesting and tempting choices; my guest’s choice of the bitter chocolate cake with orange sauce was flavoursome yet light, while my caramelised banana in filo pastry was sweet, delicate and delicious.

Furthermore, I have not seen this item on a dessert menu anywhere else, giving Jahazi Seafood Grill a leading edge in terms of originality over other restaurants nearby.

All the other choices sounded very tempting, including home made sorbet, a selection of cheese and baked cheesecake.

To finish off a lovely meal, the coffee menu also features a number of options and the waiters are keen to suit your individual tastes and preferences.

The wine list includes concise descriptions of their wines from various countries of origin and includes some excellent choices for wine connoisseurs.


Coastweek-- An ever popular attraction at the luxury Serena Beach and Spa Resort, Shanzu, is the regular performance by Taarab Musician at the Sokini Restaurant.

Our waiter recommended the South African Sauvignon Blanc which was served at the ideal temperature and was indeed an excellent choice for our main courses.  All of the wines are readily avail-able, which is a refreshing change from many of the bigger restaurants in Mombasa.

The coconut shell wine coolers deserve a special mention as they are not only very effective at keeping the wine at optimum temperature, they also look attractive and fit in with general theme of the décor.

The meal was perfectly accompanied by both attentive and genuinely friendly ser-vice, while the gentle waves provided the perfect accompaniment to the live music.

Overall, as a lover of seafood and fine dining, I would happily return to Jahazi Seafood Grill; the relaxed yet professional atmosphere ensures that diners enjoy their delicious meals in a beautiful setting, while the attention to detail service allows you to feel tranquil and serene.

The restaurant offers excel-lent value for money and is a welcome change from some of the more impersonal restaurants in Mombasa.






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