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Dr. Ravi Magon, The Man Who Built
Present-Day Arya Samaj, Mombasa

popular dentist particularly with the wanainchi whom
he charged whatever they could pay for his services

Coastweek-- Dr. Ravi Magon who has died on 19th of May 2010 was a man of passionate beliefs and a deep sense of righteousness.

Born in Nairobi in, he was the son of a very respectable banker.

After his early education in Kenya, he proceeded to India for further studies.

He gained admission to a highly competitive and well known medical school in Punjab known as Medical College, Amritsar.

After gaining his Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree, he returned to Kenya and took a job in the Ministry of Health.

He was posted to Coast General Hospital in 1971 to run its newly established dental clinic. It is here he also met Dr. Lata Parashar whom he married later.

Coastweek-- Dr. Ravi Magon

Soon after completing his internship and statutory period in government service to do private practice, Dr. Magon bought the running practice of Dr. De Cruz and Dr. De Sa in Shah Mansion in Digo Road, Mombasa.

He established himself as a popular dentist particularly with the wanainchi whom he charged whatever they could pay for his services.

Ravi had a considerable financial acumen.

If he had not been a dentist, he would have been equally a successful banker.

It is his sound financial management skills which made him a highly successful person in a very short time.

Ravi had a great sense of self-righteousness and firm beliefs.

However, he would never impose his values or beliefs on others.

His strong beliefs stemmed from his faith in principles of Arya Samaj: a reformist wing of Hindu religion  which does not believe in idol worship.

He was the youngest member of Arya Samaj, Mombasa, to be elected its Chairman.

In 1981, Arya Samaj, Mombasa was in complete financial disarray. Its buildings were falling apart and it had not funds to carry out repairs and renovations which were needed badly.

Ravi made door to door collection of funds for the restoration of Samaj buildings.

In 1985, Arya Samaj Mombasa had embarked upon an ambitious construction programme to extend Arya Primary Scholl buildings.

In the middle of this construction programme, Arya Pritinitidhi Sabha withdrew the collateral it had given to secure loan for the project thus putting the completion of the project in jeopardy.

Dr. Ravi Magon gave a personal guarantee of shillings two millions to ensure that the project is completed on time.

He managed the finances of the institution for several years to ensure that all loans are paid off.

His micro-management of the Samaj finances put the institution on a firm and sound financial footing.

Ravi was thus the key architect of present day state of Arya Samaj, Mombasa.

Besides a staunch Arya Samajist, he was also a free mason and active member  of Lions Club of Mombasa-Pwani.

Warm, loving, caring and witty Ravi brought life to wherever he went.

He was a social animal and was to be seen in his true elements at various socials both as a generous host and a guest. An excellent cook with amazing culinary tastes, Ravi would enjoy good food over a glass of whisky.

His lively sense of humour ensured that he was the centre of mirth and laughter in a party.

He would keep people around him cry with laughter by narrating incidents from his personal experience as a dentist without malice towards anyone.

He was at home across all age groups.

It was sad to see a man so full of life, zest and zeal suffer much pain in the last few years of his life.

However, he never gave up his struggle for life until his last breath.

He fought this long and hard battle for survival with great courage, grit and determination which were the hall mark of his character.

Dr. Ravi Magon is survived by his wife Dr. Lata Magon, dentist in Mombasa and a daughter Priya who is a pharmacist working in the U.K.


Dr. Ravi Magon, A Kind And
Compassionate Professional 

nowadays the Mighty Dollar is the sole motivation

Coastweek-- Late Dr. Ravi Magon was a kind and compassionate professional: Please help me to share the following with Coastweek readership.

I have been personally touched by the kind hearted Late Dr. Magon when - several decades ago - he agreed to visit my ailing late Mother - several times at home to solve her dental problems because she was bed ridden at the time and it would have been impossible for her to visit his clinic.

He would always address my Mom as "Maaji" (Mother).

He treated her with great tenderness, respect and love and guess what ...Ravi Saaheb never charged her a dime for his service.

In fact he became quite upset when we insisted that he take a token payment as our true appreciation for his selfless service.

Unfortunately, such highly skilled professionals whose hearts are full of love and compassion have now become an endangered species because the same cannot be said for many others, not only in this profession but also in others sectors, where every customer/ client/ patient is a fair game and the Mighty Dollar is the sole motivation.

I want Dr. Mrs. Lata Magon and his beloved daughter Priya to know that I have prayed to Allah to reward Late Doctor Saaheb for ALL his noble deeds for I am convinced that he will have helped many others as well.

Ramzan Parvana, Toronto, Canada.



Condolences To His Family

we studied together in Amritsar, india

Coastweek-- In your July 9th Coastweek I read about the sad demise of Dr. Ravi Magon.

Dr. Ravi Magon and I studied together in Amritsar, Ravi chose to become a Dentist while I became a Doctor. I am really sad to learn about his passing away.

Dr. Nasser M.N, N/A Canada






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