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December 11 - 17, 2009


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'Around The World In Eighty
Bars' With Richard Woodall


Coastweek -- Richard Woodall, better known locally as 'Truly Wonderful' has written another book, this time about the famous 'Pisstwits' and his life in Kenya. Sold in aid of Kwale District Eye Centre and Diani Childrens Village, here we see Richard with his book and another great supporter of the Eye Centre, John Harbottle.


On his travels he visited not just 80 but 259 bars in 24
destinations, many of which are featured in his book


Coastweek -- Richard Woodall’s long awaited second book was released in Kenya at a book launch at Ngiris in Diani Beach Shopping Centre on Saturday, November 21, 2009.

It is loosely based on the Author’s trip around the world in eighty days, which took place back in 1996, starting and finishing at the Reform Club in London, following the exploits of Jules Verne’s legendary character Phileas Fogg.

On his travels he visited not just 80 but 259 bars in 24 destinations, many of which are featured in his book.

This is an amusing, often hilarious, recollection of the trip, which this time involves over a hundred 'Pisstwit' friends on a privately chartered Boeing 747 from London’s Gatwick Airport.

The book is liberally sprinkled with anecdotes involving his fellow travellers and folk encountered along the way.

Their journey actually commences in the Author’s home village of Newick in East Sussex UK, and the book features a group photograph shot on the morning of their departure outside his local pub 'The Crown Inn' and takes in Mombasa and Diani Beach on the Kenya’s south coast on the way round.

No punches are pulled and quite a number of well-known Kenya characters feature.

There’s a Route Map to enable the reader to follow our hero and his mates’ progress round the world, together with copies of letters written by the House Manager of the Reform Club confirming that the journey was indeed accomplished in eighty days.

The book is another Pisstwit Publication and the original print has already sold out.

Further copies are scheduled to arrive in Kenya on 9 December and will be available for purchase from Richard Woodall on:


or at Ngiris in Diani Beach Shopping Centre.

The sale price is Shs.1,000/- a copy which is being divided equally between two charities well-known to the Author, the Kwale District Eye Centre and Diani Children’s Village.

Something in the region of SHS. 200,000/- has so far been raised.





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