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December 04 - 10, 2009


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Miracles Of Nature Explained
In Delightful Childrens' Book


Coastweek -- Author Jacquelin Nazareth-Tomaschko [left] seen with her book 'Come Find Me' and her illustrator Nelmarie Sanders.


Diani Forest Creatures ARE THE STARS In Jacquelin
Nazareth-Tomaschko's NEW Book 'Come Find Me'

BOOK PREVIEWED BY Patricia Hughes Scott

Coastweek -- Well known Kenyan singer Jacquelin Nazareth-Tomaschko has held a most successful launch in Diani for her new book on the environment, specifically written for children.

'Come Find Me' is a slim volume that is entertaining and colourfully illustrated and is about some of the creatures and trees found in Diani Forest.

It touches upon the habits of various species, the miracle of metamorphosis, food chains, simplicity of camouflage etc.

The small fact file at the back nurtures parent/ child discussion and activity - a cultural tradition sadly missing in today's fast-paced life, which the author is trying to revive.

At the book launch at Ngiri's restaurant, Diani, Jacqui was attired as Mother Nature - a tree bedecked with greenery and a toy colobus monkey sitting on her shoulder.

Together with Nelmarie Sanders, the illustrator, they signed all afternoon, whilst kids coloured work sheets of the animals from the book, or sat enthralled, listening to fascinating facts and stories from the Colobus Trust guides.

The book is beautifully produced, the text kept simple, and the attractive illustrations saying as much if not more than the words.

Jacquelin envisions the book reaching all schools, however remote, along with her puppet show and self-composed sing-a-long songs relating to the animals.

The author would also like to see a 'forest day' for each book she releases - a fun event for all to raise awareness and appreciation, inviting schools to show-case environmental projects, music, theatre and dance, and "a treasure hunt filled with clues from Mother Nature.

Jaquelin, the female half of Fandango Duo along with her husband Peter, is internationally renowned for making music but she has much to say locally on another subject she is also passionate about - environmental education - hence this book.

"I lived in Diani, on the south coast mainland, for over ten years, and I was recently reduced to tears upon returning to see the decimation of forest cover in what UNEP has claimed to be one of the last Coastal Rag Forests of the world, Diani Forest.

"The alarming rate of de-forestation in our country due to the overwhelming greed of some people or the plain ignorance of its consequence is no secret" she says.

But believing early education is a good way to address the problem, Jacquelin resolved to write a series of books on every Kenyan forest, portraying the fragile, critical balance between man and nature, and just how dependant we truly are upon her bounty.

Deciding against waiting for sponsorship with all its accompanying red tape, four months on sees her first book 'Come Find Me' filtering into bookstores with phenomenal response from kids and adults alike.

"Every drop of 'water' given to nourish this project will be rewarded ten-fold by 'Mother Nature' " claims Jacquelin.

Jacquelin Nazareth-Tomaschko email contact:


Part proceeds of Come Find Me will go to the Diani Colobus Trust who work hard to protect and conserve this particular forest.




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