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December 19 - 25, 2008


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Norwegian Ambassador Opens
an Art Exhibition In Lamu Fort


Coastweek - - Seen [from left] Lamu museum curator Mbarak
A. Abdulqadir, North Coast artist Fatma Issa Holm and
Royal Norwegian Ambassador Elisabeth Jacobsen.


fine art clinic in Lamu town

Coastweek - - Royal Norwegian Ambassador Elisabeth Jacobsen has officially opened and art exhibition hosted at the Lamu Fort National museum of Kenya.

The exhibition included a collection of nature and animals, our treasure in Kenya and Barack Obama collection.

National museums of Kenya assistant director Athman Hussein said the following on behalf of the entire Lamu museums fraternity and the Lamu residents at large:

“I wish to convey my sincere gratitude for exhibition that was displayed at Lamu fort during the just concluded 2008 edition of Lamu Cultural festival.”

Hussein added: “It is also my wish to inform you that the exhibition was an inspiration to the local girls and women and who have been calling on us ever since, requesting us to organize for training session for the benefit of the residents.

Hussein made a request for fine art clinic in Lamu town.

Coastweek - - Royal Norwegian Ambassador Elisabeth Jacobsen [right] is seen with North Coast artist Fatma Issa Holm when she formally opened the Lamu Exhibition held at Lamu fort, National museum of Kenya.

“Together with others in Lamu, I as an artist would love to help on this project.

“So I hope to get a helping hand from the Royal Norwegian Embassy and others who can make this wish came true. This is my wish for 2009.”




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