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December 05 - 11, 2008


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Coastweek - -  Keen collectors and art patrons
will be spoiled for
choice as over a
hundred artworks will be featured.



Coastweek - - Keen collectors and art patrons will be spoiled for choice as over a hundred artworks will be featured.

Diani Art is a series of art events presented by a group of local artists and art promoters.

The first Exhibition in the series is scheduled for Saturday, December 6 through to Sunday, December 7 and is an incredible collection of artistic talent.

This key date in the cultural calendar is the place to buy, and view art, as many of the works will be available for purchase, providing a rare opportunity to own some exhibits.

Keen collectors and art patrons will be spoiled for choice as over a hundred artworks will be featured.

The exhibition will showcase contemporary works by several local artists and is designed to allow interaction between the artists and art collectors, art enthusiasts, residents and tourists alike.

The featured artists will be on site at the event, painting and showcasing their skills.

This diverse group of contemporary artists represents the vitality of the current contemporary art scene.

Spanning all areas of the modern art arena, these artists fashion their visions using both traditional and modern techniques.

Among the artists showcased are: Eirik Jarl Trondsen, a graduate of Holbęk Art Coll-ege, Denmark who is currently based at Msambweni, South Coast. His work is a celebration of life and all it has to offer.

It gives energy to a brighter, happier world.

Organic form, often on several layers is a common theme through his paintings.

His trademark style of painting shows form dissolving, and regaining form.

Eirik prefers large paintings on canvas and wood, using mainly acrylic paint.

His painting style is fast and expressive. Eirik's previous exhibitions include a Zanzibar exhibition (at ZIFF 2004), Ghetto Art exhibition (2005), Holbęk exhibitions (1995) and permanent exhibitions at Kusini café (2007/2008).

Nelly Wanjiru Kamau (Mama Uji) is a seasoned artist who has exhibited widely.

Her unique style encompasses the use of local soils and crushed rock instead of paint to produce her works.

She also likes to experiment with different media to produce an effect that is utterly her own.

She travels all over the country to source soils of different colours and textures.

Nelly is based at Mangro Art Gallery in Diani Beach.

She is happiest when focusing on what she refers to as "healing art" i.e. giving art workshops and training to orphans, street kids, children in rehabilitation schools and sick children in hospitals.

Her deep involvement in the community helps to give art exposure to local youth.

George Killeen, born in Boston, Massacheusetts, is currently a teacher at the Aga Khan Academy in Mombasa.

His journey as an artist and a traveler began while he was young and eventually led him to Italy where he taught painting and figure drawing at the United World College in Trieste.

His appreciation of living in new surroundings became a source of inspiration and led him to live, teach and exhibit his work in the United Arab Emirates, Cairo, Egypt, Switzerland and currently Mombasa.

He says "I'm always collecting new images and ideas and letting them converse with my identity ... to co-exist with memories of  home." George also has a Café Gallery called Jahazi at the Old Town in Mombasa.

GT is the signature for partners Tito Onodera and Gachoki Rugoiyo.

Tito and Gachoki always paint together sharing canvas and paints.

Together they hash out a concept for a painting and once the concept is clear and accepted by both of them, then the ideas are brought to life with each partner taking turns on the canvas.

Side by side, they work in turns producing an amazingly fluid, lucid, picture that makes it impossible to distinguish where Tito's work ends and Gachoki's work begins and vice versa.

Tito has been drawing all his life.

When asked to describe their work he says:

"We work from photographs and imagination and are self taught artists.

"We are greatly influenced by the Renaissance period. We also do paintings of Mombasa".

Tito and Gachoki have a range of artistic techniques from the traditional, oil on canvas potraits, oil on watercolor paper.

Nicho is a familiar name and face in Diani Beach.

He is a well-known artist in Diani and has exhibited in Birmingham UK, and in New York, USA.

One of his paintings is on permanent exhibit at the Nairobi National Archives.

Nicho's work is an experience in colour and flowing brushwork, capturing local scenes and peoples through an abstract eye.

His work can be seen at his Gallery on Beach Road opposite Wonder Paradise.

These and other artists have come together with Msanii Arts a local art gallery and promoter, with a view to regularly showcase contemporary art at the South Coast.

This group is passionate about art and is excited to work together to provide more exposure for artistic creativity in all its forms.

Future events will also show case Ghetto Art, sculpture, ceramics, photography and other visual arts.

Please contact Rachel Mwandia of Msanii Arts for further information.

Msanii Arts is located at Tropicana, First Floor. Diani Beach, South Coast.

Tel: 0737 075674 or contact Eirik Jarl at 0733 124774.

From art patrons, collectors, casual buyers and enthusiasts to the curious, Everyone is welcome.





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