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November 28 - December 04, 2008


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Coastweek - - FRED ODUYA


exhibition showcasing trends in Kenyan photography
through the works of five renowned photographers

Coastweek - - Alliance Française de Mombasa will co-host the Second Malindi International Biennale of Art, an international biennale exhibition of photography and painting, from 2 December 2008 to 31 January 2009.

The event initiated by the Malindi-based Italian artist and promoter, Sarenco, will be co-hosted in three venues this year: Mombasa, Nairobi and Malindi.

At Alliance Française de Mombasa, the exhibition titled Masters of Kenyan Photography will be launched on 2nd December with the presence of the curator Piero Cavellini.

The photographs exhibited will be on sale.

The Mombasa exhibition showcases trends in Kenyan photography through the works of 5 renowned photographers: N.V. Parek, Fred Oduya, Omar Said Bakor, Cheff Mwai and Boniface Wandera.

Each of the five, in his own way, expresses an aspect of this tendency despite their different origins, interests and formal approaches.  

N.V. PAREKH (Mombasa 1923) opened a studio in Mombasa in 1942.

By the fifties, he was highly sought-after photographer with the widest and most socially representative clientele in the city and capturing Indian families, Swahili women and young married couples of all backgrounds.

Mombasa people will be pleased to discover the family portraits of their youthful days or those of their parents or grand parents.

OMAR SAID BAKOR (Lamu 1932-1993) opened a studio in Lamu in 1960 and his work is distinguished by his skillful photomontages.

He uses Lamu's marine forms to adorn his frames. 


Coastweek - - OMAR


Coastweek - - CHEFF MWAI

CHEFF MWAI (Timau 1933-2005) offers a series of photos that 'seem not to be concerned with language but with historical content'.

He was an active militant for the Mau Mau Move-ment and captures with great precision, the Mau Mau weapons handing over at Meru Stadium after Kenyan independence with a touch of melancholy.

BONIFACE WANDERA (Mombasa 1956) presents photos that bring us up to more recent times.

His working studio is in Mombasa and is distracted like those of other photographers of the popular Likoni Ferry milieu.


Coastweek - - N.V. PAREKH

His backgrounds settings have the same kind of friction between ideas, things, cultures, hopes and dreams that surround them.

FRED ODUYA (Nakuru 1951) takes us to the heart of the country's geography: Nakuru, beyond Lake Victoria, in a landscape that opens out to the Rift Valley.

Catalogues of this and the previous biennale, and a book with a collection of NV Parek's works will be on sale during the exhibition period.

Entry to the exhibition is free of charge Monday to Friday 9.00 a.m. - 6.30 p.m., Saturdays 9.30 a.m. -12.30 p.m.





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