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October 17 - 23, 2008


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MUCH impressive Kenyan Art At
Lamu's Popular Gallery Baraka


Coastweek - - Jacob Ezigbo - inspired by the Dec violence
- he was a victim of it lost his house - interesting guy
does a lot of work in the slums - very brave.


FINE SELECTION OF contemporary African art

Coastweek - - Here are some images from my recent show in at the Gallery Baraka, Lamu.

If any of these works are of interest to you - please let me know and I can send you prices.

Even if coffers are low but you like the look of an artist - let me know - so I can make a note of what you like for possible future reference.

Please note that my website is now up - though it is only a start and will be added to substantially soon -


Warm greetings in these troubled times when an investment in a neglected but rising field such as contemporary African art may well make a lot of sense.

Coastweek - - Mahadhi - local artist getting better and better.

Ed Cross, Lamu and Mombasa


Africanworks metameta creative services ltd, Park Lane, Nyali,  P.O. Box 86762 Mombasa Kenya.

Tel: + 254 727 303 102  email: ed.r.cross@gmail.com



Richard Onyango is one of Kenya's most celebrated artists.

Coastweek - - Richard Onyango - Deb Teighler America's
fattest woman

Coastweek - - TRIP IN THE WILDS. Richard Onyango, Me and
Drosie in Nakuru.


Coastweek - - Richard Onyango- His first painting he has done of the Titanic - disaster paintings one of his genres... note the veiled Muslim women on board.

Coastweek - -  Richard Onyango -  Used to be a bus conductor,  this painted from memory when he was about eleven one of the bleaker bus scenes - a great painting.





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