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DT Dobie Awards Truck Driver for Exceeding Over
500,000 Kilometres without Changing Brake Pads

Coastweek-- DT Dobie held a ceremony to recognise a truck driver who exceeded 500,000 kilometres without replacing the brake pads.

The event aimed at encouraging road safety and low vehicle running cost for the vehicle owners.

John Mutua, a truck driver at Roy Hauliers Limited commented, “Road safety is a personal initiative that should be taken up by all drivers.

“Training is important to enable the driver to make informed decisions under varying circumstances.

“Employers should also ensure their drivers are in good health and calm before embarking on trip.”

Samuel Kimaru, Commandant Traffic Department emphasized, “We have lost many lives due to recklessness, companies have incurred losses and there has been destruction of road furniture.

“After purchasing vehicles employers should register truck drivers for a recognised training course as they play a key role in maintaining the truck and ensuring road safety.”

Joe Mungai, the DT Dobie Driver Trainer, Mercedes Benz Heavy Commercial Vehicles said,

“At DT Dobie part of the training course covers defensive driving which helps equip the participants with the ability to anticipate front and rear vehicle movements in order to minimise sudden braking and manoeuvres.”

“It is possible for drivers to cover over 500,000 kilometres without replacing brake pads once they understand the capabilities of the vehicle.


DT Dobie showroom | coastweek


  Coastweek-- At an event held at the DT Dobie showroom at Lusaka road, Njeri Waithaka [left] the NTSA Director of Road Safty presented John Mutua [centre] a truck driver at Roy Hauliers Limited with a trophy in recognition of exceeding 500,000 kilometres without changing the brake pads. Looking on is Joe Mungai, the DT Dobie Driver Trainer, Mercedes Benz Heavy Commercial Vehicles.

“The Mercedes Benz Actros prime movers bristle with safety features including ABS and pace setting engine throttle and exhaust brakes to slow down the truck.” concluded Joe.

DT Dobie is the sole distributor in Kenya of Mercedes Benz passenger cars, trucks and buses, Volkswagen cars and light commercial vehicles, as well as GMW pick-ups and Hyundai trucks. The Company is located at Lusaka Road in Nairobi and has branches in Mombasa, Nakuru and Kisumu.

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