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Coastweek -- Alyssa Jamal, [2nd left] , overall winner during Autocats International Ltd Golf Day with 38 points, receives a prize from Muhammad Umair C.E.O Autocats Int. Ltd and NGCC Lady Captain Pauline Gachihi. Looking on is NGCC Golf Captain Bajaber Taib.  GOLF PHOTO BY GILBERT ONCHOKE.
Alyssa Battles 130 Golfers To Win The Overall Prize

Coastweek -- Alyssa must very nearly have gone through the same déjà vu experience, once again, writes the Driver.

She is no stranger to knocking the best round in the field but finding herself sliding down the line, to the Best Junior prize.

She probably resigned herself to the same fate when she recorded the best score yet again in the inaugural Autocats International Limited Golf Day competition which took place at Nyali Golf and Country Club on Saturday 8th December 2018.

As was mentioned in this column last time Alyssa found herself in this situation in the County Governor’s Challenge Competition, the reason for her relegation to Junior category may be based on sound economic principles, in that juniors do not pay full membership subscri-ptions and consequently are not exactly equal to their elders, and may justifiably be treated as “lesser citizens”.

This was indeed the reason put forward by the committee which way back in time made a decision to this effect and which has been followed without question since then.

A more cynical view whispered in the corridors of the Club, more vociferously at the Bar counter, is that the decision was taken not so much on this premise which sounds reasonable but was prompted more due to the sudden upsurge of talented juniors on the golfing scene who started sweeping the best prizes off the prize table, much to the chagrin of their elders. 

Coastweek -- Allan Mola [left], men winner with 36C/B and Alice Wahome, lady winner with 34 points receive prizes from Autocats Int. Ltd Managing Director Saqib Farooq during Autocats International Ltd Golf Day. GOLF PHOTOS BY GILBERT ONCHOKE.

However, without assigning any such ignoble motive and giving the benefit of doubt to the committee which made the decision, perhaps time has now come to review the decision, particularly taking into account the fact that majority of the competitions hosted by Nyali are now open to members of other coastal clubs who do not pay membership subscriptions to Nyali.

Junior members on their part do not in fact go scot free; they not only pay subs applicable to their membership class but also pay the full entry fee for the competition and play off the same tee positions as their elders, grounds enough not to shut them out from taking a well earned prize.

To avert the possibility of a determined challenge to this practice of exclusion of juniors from the main prizes, it was suggested in this column that it should be clearly spelt out as a condition of play.

It was gratifying therefore to see that confronted with the same situation once again, the Competition Committee deliberated and came to the right decision this time.

And so it came to be that Alyssa finally got her rightful due, the Overall Prize in the Autocats International Limited Golf Day competition, beating a field of 130 players, admittedly a slightly reduced number than what has been the norm last few competitions.

Without in any way denigrating the performance of the top scorers, it was also noted that the winning scores were slightly lower than the spate of 40s that have been recorded lately, Alyssa’s top score being  38 stableford points.

She made it with a steady 1st nine score of regulation 18 points, followed by two under handicap second nine score of 20 points, off 41 strokes.

Alyssa dropped two shots to handicap in her 1st nine with double bogeys on the 4th and the 8th losing a point each but made up with pars on the 5th and the 8th, both worth 3 points.

In the back nine she dropped only one shot to handicap through a bogey on the non stroking 18th but with pars on the 13th, 14th and the 17th, yielding 3 points each, the lost point was covered and two more points added over and above the regulation points to a total of 20.

In place of the usual prize  line up, the Overall category had two additional prizes, Overall Runner-up and Third  Overall, compensated by a reduction of prizes in the ladies and gentlemen’s categories to a   single winner prize each.  

There were no less than six gentlemen, tied with scores of 36 points, contending for the two prizes in the Overall category and the winner prize in the men’s category.  

It was however no big deal for the competition committee to determine the order winners, John Smith being the clear winner with his count back of 22, followed in easy  descending order by Bruno Gerber with 20, Allan Mola with 19,  knocking out the other three, Heinz Breitner and Aameen Dhanji tied with 18 and Zafar Imtiaz with 16. 

With his lowest count back of 16, Zafar stood no chance and was the first to bow out.

After a good 1st nine score of 20, courtesy 4 off a 2 club on the 6th, Zafar continued with good work, picking up 3 points off pars on the 10th and 11th but then faltered a bit, losing four points through double bogeys on the 14th, 16th, 17th and 18th to end with 16 points.        

Heinz and Aameen were steady scorers, with two equal nines of 18, but such is the irony in count back situation, their steady game did not win them the race, Allan with his count back of 19 prevailed over  them.

On a further scrutiny between the two, Heinz would have prevailed with his regulation 12 points over the last six holes, against 9 made by Aameen who played out his better golf over the first three holes with straight pars all yielding 3 points.

Aameen also added 3 more points off a par on the 14th, but threw away all the surplus 4 points with a bogey on the 15th, double bogey on the 16th and worse, blanked 18th

Heinz on the other hand played steadily with regulation 2 points on 13th, 14th, 17th and 18th, picked up one extra point off a par on the 15th but lost it to a double bogey on the 16th.

Their count back was however of purely academic interest as Allan had a better back nine score to take the sole prize in the men’s category. 

Allan did not have the best of starts, losing a couple of points to the blanked 2nd and another point to bogey on the 7th.

However, he made up the loss partially with2 extra points earned off two birdies, on the 5th and the 9th

On the back nine too he lost a couple of points to the blanked 14th but made up the loss and gained an extra point through pars on the 13th and 16th and another birdie, a 2 club on the 15th, to end with a total of 19 points.

The next in the ascending order of count back was Bruno with a breakdown of 16 and 19.

Bruno lost a couple of points in the 1st nine to end with 16 despite taking steady regulation 2 points on each and every hole, except the 4th which he blanked.

He managed to improve his back nine score by 4 points, despite a triple bogey 8 on the  double stroking par five 11th and  a double bogey on the par five 17th, costing him a point each but his par on the double stroking 12th yielded  4 points and made up the losses.

With two additional points earned with one over on the double stroking 13th and 14th, Bruno finished with 20 points to claim the Third Overall prize.

The Overall Runner up John had even more of an uneven breakdown with a very slow start in the 1st nine, blanking the very first hole and then losing a point each to double bogeys on the 2nd, 4th, 8th and the 9th.

However, his pars on the two par three, the 3rd and the 6th went some way to reduce the deficit to 14 points.

It was on the back nine that John picked up his game, adding 8 more points to his 1st nine score of 14 points, with pars yielding 3 points each on four holes, the 10th, 11th, 13th and the 18th, the rest all being regulation 2 points to finish with a total of 22 points.

The Lady Winner prize was claimed by Alice Wahome with 34 points, the same winning score recorded by the Junior winner Brandon Oyaro while Clive Barnsley took what is almost turning out to be his reserved place of Best Senior with a score of 31 points. 

The longest drive turned out to be a family affair, with William Kaguta and Mary Kandu taking the prizes in their respective category.

Qamar Somji hit his Tee shot nearest to the pin on 18th, a mere 2 feet, four inches away.

Apart from the prizes to the winners, Autocats took care of all who participated with a start off gift of a T shirt and a cap, refreshing tea at the end of the round and a dinner to round off the day.

Off the course some very tantalising top range motor cars were with prices slashed down to very affordable levels. 

Thank you Autocats for all that and the promise, very well received by members, to come back again.


Overall Winner: Alyssa Jamal 38 Points, Runner up: John Smith 36 c/b, Third: Bruno Gerber 36 c/b.

Men Winner: Allan Mola 36 c/b points, Ladies Winner: Alice Wahome 34 points.

Best Senior: Clive Barnsley 31 points, Best Junior: Brandon Oyaro 34 points.

Longest Drive (Man): William Kaguta, Longest Drive (Lady): Mary Kandu.

Nearest to Pin: Qamar Somji 2’ 4”



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