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Kim Lanxe Carded Outstanding Score

Coastweek -- It is a well recognised fact that majority of golfers would try and avoid any major commitment or put off even an important assignment so as not to miss their Saturday game but some of whom somehow find difficult to extricate themselves from a pressing engagement that takes them away from the course when there is a charity competition scheduled on a Saturday, reports THE DRIVER.

On such a Saturday, the numbers suddenly drop drastically and this was the case when Nyali Golf and Country Club hosted the Nyali Baptist Charity Golf Day on Saturday 24th November 2018, when the number was reduced to 108.

It is well worth noting however, that those who entered the competition comprised not just the Nyali Baptist Church members, not only players of the Christian faith but also those belonging to other faiths across the board, a testament, as the Captain noted in his welcoming speech, to the multi faith composition of Nyali membership and also included some who profess no faith but were willing to come to support a good cause that benefits the needy.

While the Winners’ List was not over crowded with runaway scores like the previous weekend, the competition still produced at least one particularly outstanding score, 43 stableford points carded by Kim Lanxe off a round of two over par 73 shots. 

Coastweek -- Kim Lanxe [right], Overall Winner with 43 points receives a prize from Rev. Stephen Anyendo during Nyali Baptist Charity Golf Day at NGCC.

Both above par shots came in the 1st nine, the two over par 38 shots through pars on all holes except the 5th and the 9th which Kim bogeyed but at no cost of any points, both being stroking holes for the 9 handicapper whereas his pars on the 2nd, 4th and the 8th gave him the three surplus points for the total of 21 points, an excellent score by all count. 

However, perhaps with one eye keenly behind his shoulders to watch out for any possibility of a count back, Kim made sure to play even better back nine, which he did by going level par with 35 strokes, translating to  22 points.

This resulted from just one dropped shot, on the par five 11th, but Kim made it up by picking a birdie on the other par five, the 17th, going par rest of the way.

The pars on the 13th, 14th, 16th and the birdie on the 17th yielded 3 points each to add four extra points over the regulation 18 points gained on the remaining holes.

Kim was separated by 4 points from the next best, 39 carded by Jimmy King’ori.

Also playing off 9, Jimmy was only a shot and a point behind Kim at the end of the 1st nine, with his knock of 39, translating to 20 points.

In an almost identical pattern, Jimmy too went par all the way, except the 5th where he dropped a shot, but unlike Kim, on the 9th he dropped another additional shot through a double bogey and thereby lost a point, finishing one short of Kim’s total, with 20 points.

Jimmy could not keep up with Kim on the back nine where he suffered loss of two shots through bogeys on two par 3s, the 10th and the 18th costing 2 points but his pars on the 13th, 14th and the 16th earned him 3 extra shots to bring the total to 19 points.

A couple of paces behind Jimmy was Rimal Shah with 37 points.

Rimal did not have the best of start, his bogey on the first, albeit worth 2 points, was followed by a triple on the 2nd costing him a point.

However, he immediately made up the loss and gained an extra point off a 2 club birdie on the 3rd, yielding 4 points.

Sadly, not only was this gain was wiped off but he went into a deficit of one with the blanked 7th but  immediate recovery with 3 points through one over on the double stroking 8th levelled  his score to a total of 18 points.

On the back nine also Rimal picked up 4 points, off a par on the 14th and in addition, earned two extra  points with 3 each on the 11th and the 18th.

However, three double bogeys, on the 12th, 15th and the 17th cut into the surplus and left him with just a single extra point over regulation 18.

Daniel Ondenga continues his forward march, adjusting to his new handicap of 20, scoring 36 points.

Coastweek -- Susan Stokes [right], Best Lady with 36 points receives a prize from Pauline Anyendo during Nyali Baptist Charity Golf Day at NGCC.

He made a slow start with 16 points in the 1st nine, despite a par on the opening hole worth 3 points by losing 3 points through double bogeys on the 2nd and 5th and worse, a triple on the 4th.

On the back nine too, having started with a par worth 3 points, he went into a deficit of a point by blanking the 11th but then made it up and added 4 more by a string of pars, on the 12th, 15th, 16th and 18th and one over on the stroking 13th which took care of the dropped shots on the 14th and the 17th and left him with two over regulation, 20 points.

This score was also shared by Susan Stokes which earned her the top lady prize.

Susan made a flying start with a birdie on the 1st picking up 3 points and progressed steadily with regulation 2 points all the way, except the 5th where she lost a point to a double bogey to end with 17 points.

It was back to a birdie start, a 2 club on the 10th for 3 points, followed by pars on the 11th, 13th and the 16th, but Susan lost the advantage of these four surplus points through a double bogey on the 14th and the blanked 18th, finishing with 19 points and a total of  36 points.

Next in line was a crowd of gentlemen, Shaham Eliatamby, Marco Giannandrea , Bharat Soni and Clive Barnsley,  all tied with 35 points  for the last available prize in their category.

Shaham and Marco had clear advantage over the other two with their count back of 20 against 19 carded by Bharat and 18 by Clive. 

The tussle between Shaham and Marco went all the way down to the wire, both having made identical scores of 16 over the last six holes, 8 over the last 3 holes and finally on the last hole but which Shaham parred for 3 points, whereas Marco having picked up his 3 points on the previous hole off a par, ended with a bogey on the 18th to lose the battle to Shaham.

Although Bharat and Clive were both counted out for the fourth place, Clive being  the last in the tie, it was   Bharat who finally lost out completely whereas for Clive, another kind of number, his age, came to his aid,   placing him in the Seniors category where his was the top score. 

Alyssa Jamal brought up the other end of the age spectrum with a similar score of 35 and similar breakdown of 17 and 18.

She lost a point to a double bogey on the 5th and the 8th but made one up with 3 off a par.

On the back nine her two double bogeys, on the 12th and the 14th cost her two points but both were recovered with pars, on the 11th and the 15th.

Pia Swatton completed the prize line up by taking the Runner up Lady prize with 34 points. 

As mentioned by Rev. Steve Anyande, representing Nyali Baptist Church at the prize giving ceremony, apart from giving spiritual sustenance to its members, the Church also provides food, medical care and education assistance to the needy and the funds raised through the competition will go a long way towards this charity.

Thanks to all those who contributed by participating in the competition and to Solian Properties and Tristar Airlines who sponsored the prizes for the competition.

Full Results

Overall Winner: Kim Lanxe 43 Points 

Men Winner: Jimmy Kingo’ri 39 “

Runner up: Rimal Shah 37 “ 

Third: Daniel Ondenga 36 “

Fourth: Shaham Eliatamby 35 “

Ladies Winner: Susan Stokes 36 “

Runner up: Pia Swatton 34 “

Best Senior: Clive Barnsley 35 “

Best Junior: Alysa Jamal 35 “



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