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Italian government will spare no effort to take
abducted aid worker home safely from Kenya

ROME (Xinhua) -- Italian authorities were closely following the developments in the abduction of a national aid worker occurred in Kenya last week, and would spare no effort to bring her back home, according to officials.

Silvia Romano, a 23-year-old volunteer with Italy-based charity Africa Milele, was abducted by at least three gunmen in the Kilifi County on the coast of Kenya on Nov. 20.

Five people were wounded in the attack, including three minors aged 10, 12, and 16.

Kenyan police have offered a reward of 10,000 U.S. dollars to anyone helping to find the woman.

"We are permanently in contact with Kenyan authorities with regard to the rescue efforts being implemented," Italian Foreign Minister Enzo Moavero Milanesi told journalists at the side of an international conference on death penalty in Rome on Wednesday.

"We are motivated to do everything necessary in order to bring our fellow citizen back home," Ansa news agency quoted the minister as saying.

Moavero Milanesi further explained Italian authorities were keeping a low profile on the issue, as it would happen in any sensitive case of Italian citizens abducted abroad.


Aid worker Silvia Romano, who is still missing after her abduction in Kenya one week ago | Coastweek

ROME Italy -- Supporters in Italy have published this poster dedicated to aid worker Silvia Romano, who is still missing after her abduction in Kenya one week ago. The translation reads: "The courage of solidarity. We start to help but also to save you"

"What is happening is a very serious episode, and keeping a dutiful discretion is necessary to let the investigation go ahead and reach a positive result," he said while asked about the latest developments in the case.

Meanwhile, Ansa quoted unnamed Kenyan security sources as reporting that Silvia Romano would have been forced to cut her hair and to wear a niqab, a traditional female Muslim garment that covers the woman’s face.

The kidnappers’ profile was not yet known, or at least not disclosed by Italian authorities.

As such, it was not clear whether the armed men were common criminals who acted for a possible immediate ransom, or affiliated to radical Islamic groups such as al-Shabaab, which is based in Somalia but has been increasingly active in some areas of Kenya.

So far, however, Kenyan police have named three men who were believed to be the alleged kidnappers, and have arrested one of their wives.

The Italian aid group with which Romano worked manages activities in Kenya concerning "the reception, support, and education" of orphan children, according to the NGO’s profile.


. FEBRUARY 2019 

Abducted Italian Aid Worker Involved in Multi Billion Ivory
Trafficking Trade: Police - Timothy Maina February 19

Abducted Italian dealing in ivory trade, cops claim [PeopleDailyKe] - Sophie Njoka February 18

Kenya Intelligence reports suggest kidnapped Italian Silvano Romano
linked to illegal ivory trade - mediamaxnetwork nairobi February 18

Nineteen 2018 photo and video reports about Silvia Romano - Il Messagerio February 17



Does the government remember Silvia Romano ? Deafening silence on
the fate of the kidnap victim in Kenya - Roberto Naccarella February 10

Il governo si ricorda di Silvia Romano? Silenzio assordante sulla sorte della cooperante

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So many hypotheses, perhaps too many, but very few certainties
about the kidnapping of Silvia Romano - Enzo Nucci February 07

Sequestro Silvia Romano. Tanti ancora i punti oscuri - Enzo Nucci

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Several detained in Kenya over kidnapping Italian aid worker: Mike Billings February 02


. JANUARY 2019 


The media are silent, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is silent and local authorities are
silent. A disquieting silence full of questions: Franco Nofori - Africa-Express January 25

Sul rapimento di Silvia Romano bocche cucite mentre le ricerche annaspano: Franco Nofori

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Silvia Romano is still in Kenya, she could not have been taken to Somalia - Milan Today January 22

Silvia Romano, la cooperante italiana rapita in Kenya da due mesi, si troverebbe a Tana River

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Kidnapped Italian worker Silvia Romano not in Somalia: Kenya police - Winnie Atieno January 21

La polizia kenyana ha smentito le notizie secondo le quali Silvia Romano,
la cooperante italiana rapita il 20 novembre, si trova in Somalia

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What do fifteen days of silence mean? Two months after the kidnapping
of Silvia Romano in Kenya - Angelo Ferrari January 20, 2019

A due mesi dal rapimento di Silvia Romano in Kenya cosa sappiamo delle ricerche

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Abducted aid worker ‘could have been sneaked to Somalia’ - Sophie Njoka January 17, 2019

More police sent to tame coast gangs -- Standard Nairobi Kenya January 11, 2019

Silvia Romano may have been taken across the kenya border into somalia | Coastweek


Logic of the clans and distrust in the police, Silvia Romano is still not found

Logica dei clan e sfiducia nella polizia, Silvia Romano non si trova

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Coast Police call for information in search for missing Silvia Romano









libero quotidiano: Nuova possibile svolta per Silvia Romano.

Silvia Romano, altra svolta sull'italiana rapita in Kenya: "Tre degli arrestati stanno collaborando"

In Kenya gli inquirenti continuano a credere che la volontaria italiana rapita lo scorso 20 novembre sia ancora viva.

E ora giunge notizia che tre degli arrestati stanno collaborando alle indagini.


Free Daily: New possible turning point for Silvia Romano.

Silvia Romano, another turning point on the Italian kidnapped in Kenya: "Three of the arrested are collaborating"

In Kenya, investigators continue to believe that the Italian volunteer kidnapped on 20 November is still alive.

And now comes news that three of those arrested are collaborating on the investigation.





Silvia Romano: new raids and arrests in the villages north of Malindi December 31

Kenyan Police say abducted Italian aid worker Silvia Romano is still alive December 26



Mungu muonekanie! Meet the beautiful Italian woman who was abducted
by Al Shabaab - Caren Nyota November 22, 2018

Manhunt launched after Italian woman is kidnapped and children injured close to Malindi

Strict silence: Serious operations for the liberation of Silvia in Kenya



Unknown gunmen kidnap Italian woman, injure five in Chakama

Cash reward offer for arrest of suspects over abduction of Italian


Foreign Minister Enzo Moavero Milanesi in meeting with Kenyan Vice President William Ruto

Italian aid worker Silvia Romano kidnapped in Kilifi District is still in the forest near Tana River



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