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AU mulls successful implementation of transition plan in Somalia   

MOGADISHU, (Xinhua) -- A delegation from the African Union Peace Support Division (PSD) wrapped up their three-day visit to Somalia on Wednesday, calling for successfully implementation of the transition plan within the country’s security framework.

The 27-member delegation led by Mohamed Idriss, Djibouti ambassador to Ethiopia, also promised to keenly examine the situation in the Horn of African nation.

Idriss said they hope a meeting of military chiefs from the six troop contributing countries (TCCs) slated for Friday will adopt the new exit strategy framework for the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).

“The military chiefs from the Troop Contributing Countries will meet on 30 November 2018. We hope that the outcome of this meeting will inform the adoption of the new Concept of Operations [CONOPS], which is the framework for AMISOM’s exit strategy,” he said in a statement issued at the end of their visit.

The Djiboutian envoy said the AU Peace and Security Council will be seeking to validate resolutions from the Military Operations Coordination Committee (MOCC) meeting, which brings together all military chiefs from the TCCs, key partners and AMISOM leadership.

The CONOPS, which aims to provide a structure for AMISOM operations from 2018 to 2021, marks the final phase of the AU Mission’s transition and its eventual exit from Somalia.

It is expected to provide a comprehensive basis for conducting operations including training and mentoring the Somali police and the national army, while at the same time creating a useful framework for stabilization, civil military activities, early recovery and reconstruction.

The AU delegation which assessed the security and political situation in Somalia said it held successful deliberations with senior government officials, leaders of the Federal Member States, AMISOM, the UN and representatives of the civil society, among them youth, media and minority groups.

“The AU Peace and Security Council takes the issue (of Somalia) seriously and will in the coming days examine the situation in Somalia,” said Idriss.

He said findings from their visit will be shared with relevant bodies, including with leaders from the TCCs to AMISOM.

The delegation also sought to know the progress made in the transitioning of national security responsibilities from AMISOM to the Somali National Security Forces as per the United Nations Security Council and AU Peace and Security Council Resolutions.

During their meeting, Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire Khaire appealed to the African Union to remain a voice and advocate for Somalia’s cause at international fora.

“10 years ago, Somalia was a country forgotten, with little hope for prosperity. Today we are re-emerging in the eyes of the international community and being a pride of the continent, as a functioning developing state and no longer a failed state,” Khaire told the delegation.

He highlighted his government’s key priorities, which include defeating terrorism, and stressed the government’s commitment to defending the gains hard-fought by AMISOM and the Somali security forces.

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