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TAZARA records show improved performance: Tanzanian official | Coastweek

Tazara Railway Locomotives seen at the New Kapiri Mposhi Railway Station [left] in Zambia and the Mbeya Railway station [right] in southern Tanzania. WIKIPEDIA PHOTOS - JOSSE JONATHAN and DAVID BROSSARD

TAZARA records show improved performance: Tanzanian official

ARUSHA Tanzania (Xinhua) -- The Tanzania Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA) has recorded improved performance in the last financial year despite its inadequate infrastructure and financial woes, a senior official said on Sunday.

Conrad Simuchile, TAZARA public relations officer said in an interview with Xinhua that in the financial year ending June 2018, the firm owned jointly by the governments of Tanzania and Zambia transported over 220,000 tonnes of freight, an increase of nearly 29 percent compared to the 2017 financial year, when it transported over 171,000 tonnes.

According to him, the interstate passenger trains conveyed over 543,000 passengers between Dar es Salaam and Kapiri Mposhi during the last financial year, surpassing the planned target of 500,000 passengers.

"This performance is better than 2017 financial year, in which 483,000 passengers were transported, therefore highlighting a sizeable progress in interstate passenger performance." he said.

He noted that although commuter and shuttle trains have continued to gain popularity and momentum, the limited number of coaches to support these services remains a major stumbling block to the railway line.

"We are making good progress in improving our performance.

"However, the inadequate infrastructure continue to pose serious challenges to the operations," he said.

Simuchile said TAZARA has been seeking various ways to support itself through public-private partnerships and other modes of recapitalization.

"The shareholders are aware of all the financial needs of TAZARA.

"We have been exploring the options for recapitalization together with the shareholders," he said.

TAZARA records show improved performance: Tanzanian official | Coastweek

Selous Game Reserve TANZANIA -- Passenger train seen on the TAZARA rail track while passing through the Selous Game Reserve in central Tanzania. The TAZARA Railway, also called the 'Uhuru Railway' or the 'Tanzam Railway', links the port of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania with the town of Kapiri Mposhi in Zambia's Central Province. The single-track railway is 1,860 km (1,160 mi) long and was built from 1970 to 1975 as a turnkey project financed and supported by China. PHOTO - COURTESY WIKIPEDIA



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