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Coastweek -- Winners of September Ladies Pendant Medal at Nyali Golf and Country Club  [from left] are Joyce Masai, Regina Kaveke, Mary Kandu, Pauline Gachihi, Alice Wahome, Suhas Gudka and Susan Stokes. GOLF PHOTOS BY GILBERT ONCHOKE
Sixties Galore in October Mug, Gold Goes to Joyce Masai

Coastweek -- The October Mug played at Nyali on Saturday 20th October 2018 was a sixties fest, with no less than seven scores in the sixties and quite remarkably, all these nett under par scores were recorded in all except A Division, reports THE MARKER.

As expected, A Division produced the lowest gross, 77 posted by William Kaguta but which given his handicap of 4 could not lift him out of seventies on nett.

But his was the only gross in the seventies, good enough for him to win the Best Gross prize.

The lowest nett score of the day came with a knock of 64 carded by the promising junior, young Ally Is Haq  currently playing off 36 in D Division which not only won him the sole prize which is given out in his division but with a chop of four in handicap Ally was also rewarded with a promotion to C Division.

A similar upward move in D Division was also made by Rajesh Kunverji moving from handicap 29 to 27 with his good score of 68 nett.

The next three best nett scores after Ally were all recorded in B Division, in a neat line up of 66 carded by Khurram Butt, 67 by Aly Jamal and 68 by Abdalla Taib.

Khurram’s nett 66 came from a knock of 80, the second best gross in the entire field alongside Said Bajaber in A Division and which placed him above the rest of the A Division players.

Coastweek -- Ally Is-Haq Division D winner during October Mug with 64 nett, receives a mug from NGCC Captain Bajaber Taib.

Khurram took 41 shots in the 1st nine, having parred the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th and the 9th, the five dropped shots coming off bogeys on the 3rd, 4th and 8th and a double on the 7th.

With seven shots allowance on handicap, this translated to one under nett 34.

His back nine was even better, with a birdie on the 11th off set by a bogey on the 13th and pars on the 10th, 12th, 14th and 15th, Khuram was level par till then.

However, he dropped four shots over the last three holes through a double bogey on the 16th and bogeys on the 17th and the 18th, his four over par 39 giving him a nett of 32.

Next best scorer Aly Jamal made his 67 off an evenly balanced round of 42 in each nine, his 1st containing pars on the 1st, 2nd, 6th and the 9th off set by bogeys on all the rest except the 7th where he made a double bogey.

This amounted to nett 33 for the seventeen handicapper.

On the back nine also there were four pars, on the 11th, 12th, 15th and the 17th.

However, two double bogeys, on the 16th and the 18th combined with four  bogeys ended with seven over par 42, nett  34.

Aly’s score of 67 nett was shared by Nathan Ngweno playing in C Division.

Playing off 21, the junior started steadily with nett 35 in the 1st nine, his pars on the 5th and the 7th and one over  on double stroking 2nd helping to cover up the losses on the 1st and the 9th off double bogeys.

On the back nine he made a great improvement with pars on the 12th and double stroking 13th and one over on all the rest  thereby earning three strokes over handicap and finishing three under handicap nett 32.

Abdalla Taib took third place in B Division with 68 nett, a score shared by Fahmy Bajaber in C Division which placed him in the second place.

For the third place in C Division, there was a tie up between Michael Mbugua and Dipan Shah, where Michael was the clear winner with his count back of 33 to Dipan’s 35.

Dipan had the consolation prize of a 2 club on the 15th which was not enough to undo the damage he suffered with a 9 on the 14th .

The lowest scorer William Kaguta made a good steady start with pars over the first three holes, the second being a stroking hole.

Although he bogeyed the 4th to go one over par, with a stroke on the hole he was one under his handicap allowance at that stage.

But with very uncharacteristic string of bogeys on the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th, four more shots added to the tally, William finished the 1st nine five over par 41, three over nett par 39.

Having squandered away all but one of his total  handicap allowance, William had to cover a lot of ground but in fact lost another shot to a bogey on the 10th.

He recovered the loss through a birdie on the 12th but dropped another to a bogey on the 13th which in turn was off set by another birdie, on the 17th but a bogey on the closing 18th brought his back nine score to one over par 36 and six over par 77 for the round.

His nett 34 in the back nine added to his nett 39 of the 1st nine totaling 73 placed him in second position in his division.

One ahead on nett 72 was Said Bajaber to take the top place in A Division, while Thushara De Silva took the third prize with nett 74.

Unlike  the gentlemen, the ladies who are usually up to date with their fixtures, were playing a catch up with their September Medal.

This is a special annual medal  for the ladies by virtue of a coveted pendant prize being the reward for the best nett score of the day and hence the name Pendant Medal.

While on the ladies side there was no score in the sixties, the Pendant was won on a good score of nett 71 by Joyce Masai who also posted the best gross among the ladies with her round of 83.

Going off the 10th, as ladies always do, regardless of the special nature of their medal in September, Joyce started with a par but then stumbled with a double bogey on the 11th, only to rise and make up with a birdie on the 12th to which she added  another birdie, a 2 club on the 18th.

With pars on the 14th and 15th and bogeys on the rest, she finished with four over par 39, nett 33.

The 1st nine, her back nine, was not so profitable, with just two pars, on the 5th and the 9th, bogeys on the rest except the 2nd where she had a double bogey, Joyce finished the nine with 44 shots, two over handicap nett 38, to level par 71 on handicap which was good enough to secure her the pendant and also the top place in Silver Division.

The next best score in the field was nett 72 recorded by Regina Kaveke in Bronze Division.

A shot behind with nett 73 came  two Sues, Susan Stokes in Silver Division and Suhasini Gudka in Bronze Division to take second place in their respective divisions, followed by Mary Kandu in Silver Division with 75 and Alice Wahome in Bronze Division with 74.

Alice also won the additional  prize of Best Putter with a good putting round  of 28 putts, which included nil put on the 12th and single putts on several holes. 

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A Division                                        B Division                       C Division

Winner: Said Bajaber 72 nett        Khurram Butt 66 nett      Nathan Ngweno 67 nett

Runner up: William Kaguta 73 “     Aly Jamal 67 “                Fahmy Bajaber 68 “

Third: Thushara De Silva 74 “        Abdalla Taib 68 “           Michael  Mbugua 72 “

Best Gross William Kaguta 77

Ladies Pendant Winner:  Joyce Masai  Nett 71   

             Silver Division                   Bronze Division

Winner: Joyce Masai 71 nett        Regina Kavek 72 nett

Runner up: Susan Stokes 72 “     Suhas   Gudka 73 “

Third: Mary Kandu 75 “                 Alice Wahome 74 “

Best Putter: Alice Wahome 28 putts



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