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Coastweek -- Willie Mbote, [2nd right], Overall Winner with 40 points receives a prize from Gaddafi Mohamed, Mombasa Maize Millers, Head Of Sales (2nd left), and NGCC Captain Bajaber Taib. Looking on is NGCC Lady Captain Pauline Gachihi. Joyce Masai, Lady Winner during Elimu Foundation Charity Golf Day at Nyali Golg and Country Club with 38 points, receives a prize from Ghafur Pasta of Transtrailers. The charity had the highest number of participants of 140. GOLF PHOTOS BY GILBERT ONCHOKE
Highest number of golfers at Elimu Foundation Charity Golf Day

Coastweek -- The better than average level of scoring  for the Elimu Foundation Charity Golf Day staged at Nyali Golf and Country Club on Saturday 22nd September 2018 might be ascribed to the dopamine produced by the knowledge that it was all for a good cause, reports BY THE DRIVER.

The effect of that   feel good factor was reflected not only in some very  good scores at the top but also the fairly high level of performance of the field in general.  

In a field of 140 players, the number of players who managed to hit the thirties was quite impressive.

A total of 66  players in all, which represented just slightly less than half the field, carded 30 stableford points or above and the top among them was Willie Mbote who crossed over into 40 points to claim the Best Overall prize.

Willie was not only the top scorer but did it with a great degree of consistency, playing each nine with an evenly balanced score of 20 points and quite remarkably, without dropping a shot to handicap on any single hole. 

His each nine was comprised of nothing less than regulation 2 points, with two holes in each nine yielding 3 points, thus adding two surplus points to reach the total of 20.

In the first nine, it came through pars on the stroking 7th and 9th and in the back nine, through pars on the 10th and the 14th.  

Coastweek -- Andrew Wahome [right], Best Junior with 35 points, receives a prize from Kericho Gold Marketing Manager, Samson Musembi.

In sharp contrast, the card for the next best scorer in line, Rishi Shah, displayed a full gamut of scores, from a dot  ball to the boundary score of 4 and everything in between.

The dot came on the very first hole which loss Rishi partially made up immediately with 3 points on the 2nd but down he went again with a double bogey on the 3rd to drop another point and go into deficit of 2 again which he made up with two successive pars on the 5th and the 6th, each worth 3 points.

However, two more double bogeys, on the 7th and the 9th cost him a point each ending in the first nine score of 16 points.

With a determined effort Rishi set about to make up the deficit and gain surplus through pars on the 10th, 17th and 18th and a bogey on the double stroking 13th, all worth 3 points each and then bang with a par on the double stroking 16th yielding 4 points, the end result was 23 points for the nine and just a point behind Willie in the total score to claim the Men Winner prize.

Next in the line were two scores on 38, carded by Anand Patel and Joyce Masai.

Anand had to be content with the runner up place but Joyce was the indisputable winner in the ladies category, the next best lady, Jayne Githere being a point behind Joyce.

Anand had made a good start with 20 points despite a blank on the 5th but immediately making up the loss with 4 points off a 2 club birdie on the 6th.

Earlier he had dropped a point to a double bogey on the 3rd but picked up 3 points each off one over on the double stroking 2nd and two successive pars on the 7th and the 8th.

The back nine also contained 4 points on a hole, off a birdie on the 11th which together with 3 points a piece  scored off one over on the double stroking 13th and pars on the 15th and 16th came in very handy to make up the loss of a point each on the 10th, 12th and 14th through double bogeys and the blanked 18th to end with 18 points.

Joyce had an even better tally of 22 points in the first nine, despite a disappointing start with a bogey on the 1st and another bogey on the 6th costing her a point each.

She however more than made up the losses, parring the remaining seven  holes, all of which except the par on the 3rd produced 3 points each.

Sadly she could not continue in the same vein, starting the back nine with a blank and losing another point to a bogey on the par five 17th, of which loss she could make up only a single point with a par on the 12th which yielded 3 points, the rest of the holes giving nothing better than regulation 2 points, a total of 16 points.

Jayne Githere was followed by Susan Stokes with 35 points to complete the prize line up on the ladies side while on the gentlemen’s side, there was a three way tie for the remaining two prizes, involving Titus Githaiga, Inayet Kudrati and Dimple Mehta, all on 36 points 

Of the trio, Titus was the clear winner with a breakdown of 16 and 20  to take the third prize while between the other two, both with two even nines of 18, a further scrutiny was needed.

Inayet  prevailed with his 12 points over the last six holes against Dimple’s 11.

Despite a loss of 3 points coming off a double bogey on the 13th and the blanked 16th, Inayet’s haul of 3 points each on the 15th, 17th and 18th made up the deficit whereas Dimple scored regulation 2 points on all six holes except the par five 17th which he played two over and thereby fell short of a point.

There were several other prizes to be won  in other categories and also rewards for all who played which included starting off gifts of T-shirts from Mabati Rolling Mills, one of the sponsors, cooling drink of  iced tea courtesy of Kericho Gold and energy giving bananas from Caterers Aboo at half time, afternoon tea and dinner to round off the day .

Mamujee Foundation very generously picked up the tabs for caddy fees, although layers were free to pay their own caddy fees and donate the cash offered by Mamujee Foundation to the Elimu Foundation which quite a few players did indeed do.

The entry fees also  went towards the charity as did the raffles and the generous donations from several sponsors, to all of whom and to the participants who supported this worthy cause, asante sana.


Overall Winner: Willie Mbote 40 points

Men  Winner: Rishi Shah 39 points

Men Runner up: Anand Patel 38 points

Men Third: Tirus Githagia 36 points

Men Fourth: Inayet Kudrati 36 Points

Lady Winner:Joyce Masai 38 Points

Lady Runner up: Jayne Githere 37 Points

Lady Third: Susan Stokes 35 Points

Best Senior: Jayman Patel 34 Points

Best Junior: Andrew Wahome 35 Points

Best  1st Nine: Rumil Jayasinghe 21 Points

Best 2nd  Nine: Rohit Devani 22 Points

Men Longest Drive: Qamar Somji

Ladies Longest Drive: Susan Stokes

Men Nearest to the Pin: John Kashangaki 8’ 2’’

Ladies Nearest to the Pin: Joyce Masai 8’ 9’’

Team  Winners: W Mbote/ B Mureithi/L Muchai/D Makau

Lucky Card: Murtaza Saeed



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