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Mombasa born Most. Rev. Bishop Agnelo Rufino
Gracias appointed as an Apostolic Administrator

BANGALORE India (CCBI) -- Holy Father Pope Francis has received the request of Bishop Franco Mulakkal to be temporarily relieved of his Pastoral responsibilities in the diocese of Jalandhar.
Having considered all circumstances the Holy Father has accepted this request of Bishop Mulakkal and appointed His Excellency Most. Rev. Bishop Agnelo Rufino Gracias, (79), Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Bombay, as Apostolic Administrator sede plena ed at mutum Sanctae Sedis of the diocese of Jalandhar.

This Ecclesiastical provision was made on 20 September, 2018.

Bishop Agnelo Gracias was born in Mombasa, Kenya, Africa, on 30 July, 1939.

He was ordained priest on 21 December, 1962.

He was appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Bombay on 13 March, 2001 and ordained Bishop by Cardinal Ivan Dias on 21 April, 2001.


Mombasa born Most. Rev. Bishop Agnelo Rufino Gracias appointed as as Apostolic Administrator | Coastweek

BANGALORE India (CCBI) -- Most. Rev. Bishop Agnelo Rufino Gracias.
Bishop Agnelo was served the CCBI as the Chairman of the CCBI Family and Doctrinal Commissions.

Bishop Franco Mulakkal has been accused of sexual offence in India.


Bishop Agnelo Gracias: Ex-student of 'Mombasa Goan School'

Project: "Archiving Memories of Mombasa Goan School and Sacred Heart High School" - Former Mombasa Goan School and Sacred Heart High School student Marci Pereira writes;

Bishop Agnelo Gracias, was a former ex-student of the above school, as was I.

Bishop Agnelo, has been in the current news recently, having been appointed by the Vatican, as the Diocesan Administrator for the Jalandhar Diocese in India.

He was born and schooled in Mombasa.

I have been working on a 'self-initiative project' entitled "Archiving Memories of Mombasa Goan School/Sacred Heart School".

Attached herein, is my take on this eminent cleric, that was done over a year ago, for the above mentioned project.

Both of us grew up in Makadara, Mombasa.

After school, the Bishop left for India in 1954, for his ecclesiastical studies.

As for myself, after attending the Goan School, I was in the very first intake of non-Muslim boys, into the 'Mombasa Institute of Muslim Education (MIOME)', for Workshop Engineering evening courses in 1959.

Later, in 1961, I was once again, the beneficiary, of being admitted to do the Ordinary National Certificate (ONC) in Engineering - a UK qualification - at MIOME, as a day part-time student - the first non-Muslim to attend day sessions.


Mombasa born Most. Rev. Bishop Agnelo Rufino Gracias appointed as as Apostolic Administrator | Coastweek

Most. Rev. Bishop Agnelo Rufino Gracias.
In 1969, through a Gulbenkian Foundation Scholarship, I went on to graduate in Mechanical Engineering in the UK.

Remember the 'Gulbenkian Foundation'?

That is the same foundation that funded the project to convert the 'Fort Jesus' in Mombasa, into the present day, World Heritage Museum site.

Here is another link with Mombasa - my Dad worked as a compositor for the, now defunct, Mombasa Times (part of the Standard Group) for 30 years.

To supplement his income in raising a family of six, he also ran a cottage factory producing, "Pereira's Coconut Oil", which to my knowledge, still continues under changed management.

I am aware that many ex-students of Mombasa Goan School and Sacred Heart High School have a keen interest in my project.

Apart from Kenya, our ex-students are now widely dispersed around the globe.

Incidentally, I am now based in the UK.

Thought I would keep you posted, hence this contact - e-mail:


Bishop Agnelo Gracias: was student of Mombasa
Goan School and Sacred Heart School Mombasa

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