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Parking Dilemna: When The Lady Driver Decided
To Go Ahead With What She Had Been Avoiding!

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Parking spaces in many places tend to be areas where there is very little drama.

What one dose is to simply arrive, manoeuvre into the space, get out of the car, lock the car (or otherwise) and then proceed to wherever one is heading.

On completion of one’s engagement, then the reverse applies.

This routine is repeated time and again in parking spaces with little variation.

The changes to routine are in detail such as where there are multiple passengers or one has additional cargo or where one has to fix something on the

However, these places do have their own moments of drama, some imported from elsewhere and others caused by the very parking spaces themselves.

Kachumbari told us of a couple of occasions where there was drama in a parking area. one resulted in damage to several vehicles and the other was damage to egos only.

In the first instance, a lady drove into a basement parking and looked around till she found a free three car bay whose extremities that was delineated by pillars at the four corners.

The rest of the parking areas had several vehicles in the bays and the lady was not sure about her parking skills so was looking for an unencumbered bay which would allow her to park easily. 

She parked in the centre of the middle bay and anyone looking at the position of the vehicle would be excused for thinking that it was done by a professional driver.

She left and went into the building to run her errands.

On returning later in the day having also attended an event in the atrium of the building where her son was involved, she found that the two cars on either side of her had parked so close to her car that she could not easily open the passenger doors.

They had also parked slightly skewed so that one could the driver door with a struggle and the also the rear passenger door in the opposite side.

For a while the lady pondered what to do and then decided to call the security person to try and get the owners of the cars to move them.

The security person went upstairs to the even and got the master of ceremonies (MC) at the event to announce for the drivers to go to the basement and move their cars.

Half an hour later no one had come.

The lady decided to do what she had been avoiding.

She asked her son to get into the back through the rear door that could open.

He yanked the door open and it hit the adjacent car causing the alarm to go off.

He ignored the alarm and got into the car – there was really nothing that he could do to stop the alarm.

The mother decided she would also do the same on her side of the car.

The same happened.

She opened the door and as she tried to squeeze into eth space, the door pushed against the adjacent car and the alarm also went off.

You now had two car alarms yelling in the basement parking.

They both closed the car doors and the lady set about organising herself prior to starting the car.

At this point, the two people parked either side of her returned to find their cars alarming.

The looked around and the askari who had been sent to call for the owners told them that their alarms went off due to the occupants of the middle car were entering their cars and the doors touched.

The two gentlemen, who were a bit sloshed, turned on the lady and started calling her names.

They inspected their vehicles and found some slight denting in one case and scratched paintwork in another.

This made them even more agitated and they asked the lady to get out of the car so that they could talk “compensation”.

The lady refused to get out.

They started to get violent and the security detail, realising the potential escalation, decided to intervene.

He was quickly told in his face that he had no part to play and he should return to his duty station.

He tried to plead and the two gentlemen would have none of it.

Another portly gentleman came by and asked the two men what was the matter.

They started making the case for compensation for the scratches that they got on the cars.

The lady was still in the car.

The fellow had a quick look and then produce his police ID.

The two gentlemen were extremely happy that they now had a person to whom they could officially complain.

The cop marked where their cars were and asked them to move the vehicles out.

Once they did that the cop asked the lady in the car to get out and leave her door open.

He also asked the son to get out. He examined the car doors and then examined the other cars. 

He then asked all the team whether they wanted to go and make statements at the police station or whether they were willing to settle on the spot.

They all said on the spot.

He then went on to explain to the two gentlemen that they had parked inconsiderately and that they were the ones who had created a situation where any action by anyone else would result in damage to their cars.

The damage done by the lady and her son opening their doors was simply because they were trying to get into their car but that the two cars adjacent had parked in such a way that they infringed on eth space available and that is normally expected to be available if all vehicles park properly.

The cop asked that they all meet their bills and shake hands.

The two gentlemen reluctantly agreed to the proposal by the cop and shook hands with the lady and her son.

The two gentlemen completely lost face in this encounter by trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill. In the time that they had been raising hell and terrorising the lady, a crowd had gathered and this is what drove them to get even more vocal and uncooperative.  

When the cop finished with them, the crowd that had gathered clapped and congratulated the cop for his work and the two guys were booed by the crowd.

As Kachumbari says, mountains are not large molehills!




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