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Tanzania anti-corruption body detains local
investor over failure to develop hotel   

DAR ES SALAAM Tanzania Tanzania (Xinhua) -- Tanzania’s anti-corruption watchdog in the northwest region of Mara on Wednesday detained and questioned a local investor after he had failed to develop a hotel he acquired 10 years ago from the state.

The Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) was questioning Mauza Nyakirang’anyi even after returning the property to the government, said Adam Malima, Mara Regional Commissioner.

“Nyakirang’anyi has surrendered the hotel documents to my office but authorities still want him for questioning over the condition of the facility and violation of investment conditions,” said Malima.

Malima said another local investor he identified as Otieno Igogo was also wanted by PCCB after he had acquired 10 hectares of a dairy farm at Utegi located in Rorya district and abandoned the farm which became idle and derelict.

“Igogo also returned legal documents for the farm to my office on Wednesday but authorities still want him for questioning over failure to make investments as agreed during the takeover,” added Malima.

“We gave him a hotel and he returned it in ruins. We gave the other investor a farm with equipment but he returned it in ruins,” Malima said, explaining that these were the reasons the two investors were summoned to appear at the anti-graft agency.

Malima, who is the chairman of the regional defence and security committee, said the decision to question them followed directives given by President John Magufuli during his tour of Mara region last week.

Magufuli accused the Tanzanian investor who had acquired the hotel of a litany of malpractices, including bribing government officials.

“He is holding all security organs here in Mara. He is holding them in his pocket,” the president said.

Magufuli, who spoke after passing nearby the hotel and having a close look at the once-glittering facility located on the shores of Lake Victoria, ordered relevant state organs to repossess the hotel.

Last week, President Magufuli appointed a new Director General of the PCCB.

A statement issued by the Directorate of Presidential Communication at State House in the commercial capital Dar es Salaam said President Magufuli appointed Commissioner of Police Diwani Athumani as the chief of the anti-corruption watchdog.

Shortly after he came to power in November 2015, Magufuli vowed to fight corruption, including establishing a special court to deal with corrupt public officials.

“I will sack any public servant who is implicated in corrupt deals before being prosecuted in the special court,” warned President Magufuli.

Magufuli also mentioned other measures aimed at enhancing efficiency and boosting collection of government revenue for improving provision of social services such as education and health.



Tanzania plans to amend law on public-private partnership

DAR ES SALAAM Tanzania (Xinhua) -- The government of Tanzania on Tuesday tabled in Parliament proposed amendments to the public-private partnership (PPP) Act.

The amendments were designed to resolve disputes with private entities by local courts and not by international arbitration bodies.

Philip Mpango, the east African nation’s Minister for Finance and Planning, said the recommended changes were aimed at giving the government powers to oversee the implementation of policies, laws and regulations governing its engagement with private players in various development projects.

Tabling the recommendations of the Public Private Partnership (Amendment) Bill, 2018 for the second reading in Parliament, Mpango said the amendments were aimed at addressing various gaps that were found in the law to improve implementation of various PPP projects for the country’s development.

“The recommendations stated that all PPP contracts should be firstly approved by the Attorney General before being agreed and passed by the PPP steering committee,” Mpango told the National Assembly in the capital Dodoma.

He said the current PPP Act had a number of gaps that affected implementation of various development projects in the country, the second largest economy in East Africa.

Halima Mdee, speaking on behalf of the opposition camp in Parliament, said the amendments were only aimed at making it difficult for investors to seek arbitration in international legal bodies.

“Tanzanian courts have no capacity to resolve disputes between the government and investors. Such disputes could only be resolved by international legal bodies that are neutral,” said the outspoken legislator for Kawe constituency in Dar es Salaam.

On Monday, Parliament approved amendments to Statistics Act 2015, making it a criminal offence to publish official statistics including surveys without the authorization of the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

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