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Veteran Coast Journalist Faraj Dumila Marks Sixty Years’ Service  | Coastweek

An eminent jurisprudent Sheikh Said A. Hassan [left] commends Faraj Dumila's writings at the Nureen Mosque where he was giving a public lecture on Islamics, urging the youth to study the Holy Qur'an that would guide them to the right path - hailing the late Shariff Mohamed Al-Beidhy's tribute. Receiving a copy of his mentor from Faraj Dumila [right]. Hon. Mishi Mboko [right] the women representative (M.P) highly commended the writer Faraj Dumila for his dedication to promoting the Hijab Women’s Services in public domain. She was receiving a copy of the book - Visa Vya Wanawake - meaning “The Narrative of the Muslim Women” as quoted from the holy Quran, at the Eid baraza celebration. Several copies were distributed to the guests.

Veteran Coast Journalist Faraj Dumila Marks Sixty Years’ Service

Coastweek-- Long before the new constitution established both Kiswahili and English as the two national languages in the country, a veteran journalist has been championing the cause of Kiswahili through prose, journals, profiles as and poetry, writes ABDULSAMAD ALI.

Faraj Dumila who has been a journalist for the past 60 years, is also an eminent author with several titles under his belt, and arguably the most prolific contribution history to publications around the country.

An assessment of his literary style noted that the writer transcends mediocrity and is an example of literary finesse unmatched by his contemporaries.

But even as his contributions into the field of journalism stamp his authority as the absolute expert on letters, his most enduring work as a writer has been his crowning publication, ‘The Collection’.

This magazine is a tapestry of articles and photographs that narrate the story of Coast. It extols the virtues of the Coastal culture as well as honoring luminaries of the region.

With the predominant Islamic culture which is deeply rooted in the region, The Collection has highlighted Islamic qualities while at the same time portraying prophetic benevolence.

And to always sustain the integrity of topical issues, Faraj has utilized the expertise of professionals, always ensuring that a brief bio of the master introduces them to his readers, complete with a photo to boot.

The magazine has also over the years honored long forgotten eminent scholars, journalist’s authors and other professionals whose contributions have impacted the lives of people in the region by profiling their achievements.

Faraj is also known for going out of his way to track their students and even close friends to chronicle the memories of the departed.

Those who have had the privilege of breaking the glass ceiling have been featured in the magazine as well.

Women and other minorities who have made it besides the odds have graced the pages of the magazine as an inspiration that anybody can make it.

Also featuring in the pages of the magazine are residents whose achievements are outside the scope of the Coastal sphere.

These include those who have had success overseas as well as people who have been nominated for positions abroad.

Businesspeople who have established conglomerates that transcended the coastal demographic have found a place in the pages of the magazine, institutions that have set up shop in the region and organizations supporting livelihoods have all been featured in ‘The Collection.’

Articles championing press freedom and speaking against persecution of journalists have been published in the magazine: topics that have been known to be very dear to Mr. Faraj Dumilla.

History of the region is another topic that hardly missed in the publication, especially those who steered the administrative agenda of the region.

Besides the tributes and profiles, pictorials of heroes of the community in various fields also feature prominently.

But the magazine always set aside analysis of the political situation of the region often advocating for peace during tense situations and patience whenever there are issues that have threatened to cleave Coastal harmony asunder. 

The magazine also published photos of alumni of some of the most iconic schools in the coast.

The Arab Secondary School, later renamed Khamisi High School featured in the last issue of The Collection, showing class photo of the 1954 alumnus of which Faraj was a member.

Also featured is the Australian Broadcasting College class of 1968 where the writer further sharpened his journalistic skills.

And even as ‘The Collection’ closes its pages for the last time, readers at the Coast will admit that they were represented in a most extensively enduring magazine the Coast has ever produced.


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