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Coastweek -- Kenya International Sports Film Festival (KISFF) Chairman Aasif Karim seen [from left] with KISFF Director Florence Nduta, Hon. Hassan Noor Hassan and Mrs. Nazneen Karim..
Kenya is Set to Host It’s First Sports Film Festival

Coastweek -- The first edition of the Kenya International Sports Film Festival (KISFF) will be held in November this year, organisers said during the launch.

The event, which will run between Nov.22 and Nov.25, will feature films from across the globe and is an initiative of Safinaz Foundation that promotes sports in Kenya and aims to use the movies to foster unity, inspire society, nurture talent, and celebrate sportsmen by showcasing of short film and feature documentaries

Aasif Karim, the chairman of Safinaz Foundation who is also KISFF chairman, said that the festival will provide an ideal platform for movies that combine the very best in both sports and film and will be a window into a new niche market that if properly harnessed can take the already multi-billion dollar industry into a new direction for all the players involved.

“As much as there is a financial angle to promotion of sports in Kenya, there is an even greater far-reaching perspective in that we firmly belief that a healthy nation is a more productive and progressive nation,” the former national cricket team captain said.

He said that the festival will create a global awareness that is inherent in its core belief that while sports unifies society, film inspires the social order.

Coastweek -- KISFF Chairman Aasif Karim and His Excellency Ambassador Dragan Zupanjevac - Embassy of Serbia.

Florence Nduta, Festival Director, said the films must have been produced from 2010 to date, with short films running between 5-20 minutes and feature films between 20 and 120 minutes.

“The law in Kenya demands that all films for public screening must be classified by the Kenya Film Classification Board, therefore all films in the final line-up will have to be classified for public screening,” Nduta said, adding that so far, the event has already attracted over 150 entries since July 1.

She said that there will be eight category awards and 12 individual awards and added that any film with non-English dialo-gue or text must be submitted with subtitles in English.

Hassan Nur Hassan, Cabinet Administrative Secretary for Sports, called upon sportsmen and women who have rich history to document their exploits for the sake of prosperity where the future generation will learn from them

“Whereas sports is not just about competition in the field, people only tend to remember it during competition. Time has come for sportspeople to tell their story for posterity,” Hassan said.

Dragan Zupandevac, the Ambassador of Serbia to Kenya and whose country has entered two films, said his nation is already the development of sports in the East African nation.

“There are already five Kenyans in Serbia undertaking training in swimming and tennis and we will second some coaches to Kenya when the international tennis center in Nairobi becomes operational,” than envoy remarked.  

Sports such as boxing, cricket, golf, motor sport, football, tennis, volleyball and athletics have ser-ved as showcases highlighting the very best that Kenya has to offer when it comes to competing both domestically and globally.

Coastweek -- Committee Members of KISFF seen [from left] are Chris Kamau, John Muli, Aasif Karim, Matrid Nyaga, Florence Nduta, Moses Akodia, Nazneen Karim and Robert Asewe (back).



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