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Kenya betting on blue economy to enhance
both national growth and climate resilience

NAIROBI (Xinhua) -- The Kenyan government is banking on optimal utilization of maritime resources to drive socio-economic development and enhance response to climate change, officials said on Thursday.

Monica Juma, the Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs, said that a sound legal and policy framework is being polished to facilitate growth of the blue economy and realign it with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Big Four Agenda.

"We are looking at innovative ways to sustainably manage our seas and oceans while linking them to national economic development and climate resilience programs," Juma said during an international summit to discuss maritime security in Somalia and countries sharing the Western Indian Ocean coastline.

An estimated 200 delegates from 68 countries who included ministers, diplomats and security experts attended the summit that sought to rejuvenate the war against maritime security risks in the Horn of African region.

Juma said that Kenya is committed to protect its territorial waters from illegal fishing and trans-national crimes like piracy, human trafficking and dumping of toxic waste, as it embarks on development of its nascent blue economy.

"Maritime security has a positive bearing on the blue economy that seeks to empower communities while boosting their capacity to cope with climatic threats," Juma said.

Kenya will from Nov. 26 to 28 host a high-level conference on blue economy in the capital, Nairobi that is expected to reactivate debate on sustainable utilization of maritime resources to drive the green agenda.

Juma said Kenya will invest in supportive infrastructure while harnessing new technologies and innovations to create a robust blue economy.

"Our international partners have also supported our blue economy strategy that will pave way for sustainable exploitation of oceans, seas, lakes and rivers to promote sustainable development," said Juma.

Raychelle Omamo, the Cabinet Secretary for Defense said securing Kenyan resource rich coastline has been prioritized to enhance seamless growth of the blue economy.

"We see a connection between maritime security and exploitation of our blue economy," said Omamo.

"The establishment of a vibrant blue economy will address poverty and climate related disasters that are a threat to economic growth and national security," she added.


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