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A Tribute To Franklyn Pereira:  Always Compassionate,
Generous And Readily Willing To Assist Others In Need

Coastweek -- Franklyn Pereira, a well-known sportsman, successful entrepreneur and enlightened “de facto” leader of the Goan community in Mombasa, died on 3 April, 2018.

We extend our sympathies to his ever-loving, close-knit family and share with them the loss of a man who was much-loved by all who knew him.

Franklyn, who was often known as “Frankie” to his friends, was held in high esteem and great affection by his worldwide circle of friends.

He did not rely on appeasement or flattery to win friends.

A man of principles, Franklyn was open in his dealings and treated everyone equally irrespective of their financial, political or social status.

He was compassionate, generous and readily willing to assist others in need.

He extended a helping hand in a quiet and unassuming manner and his humanitarian actions only became known when the recipients disclosed them.

Franklyn was probably best known as an outstanding sportsman.

His dazzling dribbling skill in hockey and his ability to read the game and get himself in goal-getting positions made him a top contender for the 1956 Kenya Olympic squad.

His omission was questioned by many.

A true sportsman, he went on to represent Kenya against the Indian National team in 1959.

Franklyn was also a very entertaining cricketer.

His agility, quick reflexes and confidence enabled him to hit “sixes” almost at will.

He took great pride in Kenya and its achievements, especially in international athletics.

Franklyn was a highly successful entrepreneur and businessman, resourceful and able to make sound decisions.

He initiated the construction of a major sports complex with modern facilities that catered for most indoor and outdoor sports on the Club’s sports ground.

As Chairman of the Club, he was instrumental in changing the name of the multi-racial Mombasa Institute to the Goan Institute in recognition of its founding members.

Franklyn will be remembered as a great Goan and a proud Kenyan who gave so much of himself to his country.

Tony Fernandes, England, U.K

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