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Mrs. Hayati awarded for Philanthropic Services to Humanity | Coastweek

Coastweek-- Standing [from left] Asian Foundation Chairman Hasmukh Devani, Mrs. Shama Anjarwalla, Mrs. Najma Zaveri, Mrs. Hayati Anjarwalla, and Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed at a prestigious gathering at the Trademark Hotel in Village Market. The gathering marked three decades of philanthropic service by the Asian Foundation in Kenya. President Uhuru Kenyatta was represented by Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed as she graced the celebration of philanthropic service to Kenyans. The Asian Foundation awarded Mrs. Hayati Anjarwalla for her exemplary philanthropic services to humanity for the last 40 years.
The Asian Foundation Awards Mrs. Hayati
Anjarwalla for Philanthropic Services to Humanity

Coastweek-- As a young bride crossing the oceans from Karachi, Pakistan to make her new home in Kenya, Hayati Anjarwalla immediately fell in love with the Kenyan people.

Within no time, she realized that her pristine mind would lead her nowhere.

She was approached by the Kenya Red Cross to sit on their Board, an offer which she immediately accepted.

She also acted as their Welfare Officer and was responsible for fund raising.

Those were the days of British rule when meetings were held in the Mayor’s parlour.

She had come from a family with a philanthropic tradition and she had joined a family who also had a philanthropic tradition but this was the start of her own personal journey of helping the less fortunate.

Soon she realized that the need for a blood bank in Mombasa was urgent and with the help of others she prepared a long list of donors and the first blood bank was started, which is still running.

However, the greatest need was for primary healthcare as there were almost no decent facilities for the poor on the mainland in Mombasa.

The closest was the Coast Provincial General Hospital which could only be accessed across the floating bridge.


Asian  Foundation Trophy | Coastweek

  Coastweek-- Asian  Foundation Trophy.

And so Mrs. Hayati Anjarwalla fundraised from friends and family and managed to open a small clinic in the Mkomani area, a low income residential area between Nyali and the English Channel. We opened our doors to the public in 1979.

It was because of how she managed her clinic she built a good reputation.

She was fortunate that international donors got to know of this project and thus approached her to join hands with them in providing family planning services to fellow Kenyan citizens.

In those early days her great supporters were various US agencies such as Family Planning International Association, Family Planning Private Sector, and Pathfinders International.

Indeed, the US Government and its various agencies have been Mkomani’s steadfast supporters for close to 40 years now.

Through this network, she was invited to the John’s Hopkins University for a course to study the implementation of family planning services.

Mkomani Clinic, as the Society was known then, grew rapidly.

The Society opened centres first in Voi and thereafter at Bomu, Changamwe where the main referral hospital operates from.

Bomu Hospital serves many people 6 centres spread along the Kenyan Coast.

In addition to medical services that Bomu Hospital provides to the less fortunate, it has elaborate community based programs in Mombasa, Kilifi and Kwale with services like Food and Nutrition, Education, Health, Shelter, Child Protection, Psychosocial Support and Household Economic Strengthening.

An average of 1,000 people are served daily through the Bomu Hospital network.

In recognition of her extensive service to humanity that spread over four decades, the Asian Foundation this month awarded Mrs. Hayati Anjarwalla for her exemplary philanthropic serves to humanity.

President Uhuru Kenyatta was represented by Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed at this gathering marking three decades of philanthropic service by the Asian Foundation.

Mrs Anjarwalla has dedicated her life to provide health services to the underprivileged members of the society.

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