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Madagascar high court orders re-organization of government

ANTANANARIVO Madagascar (Xinhua) -- The High Constitutional Court (HCC) of Madagascar has ruled that President Hery Rajaonarimampianina must dismiss the government, said a statement published on HCC’s website Friday evening.

The decision came following the request of dismissal of Rajaonarimampianina put by the opposition to the HCC. On May 7, about 73 parliament members have asked the HCC to dismiss the president.

The statement also said that the HCC orders the president to end the tasks of the government and he must appoint a new prime minister in seven days from three names which will be proposed by the parliament members.

“The new prime minister should form the new government in seven days, he works until the inauguration of the new president and cannot be dismissed except of serious misconduct,” said the statement.

As Rajaonarimampianina has declared on several occasions that he will not resign before the election to follow the regulation of the Constitutional law of Madagascar, the statement of HCC on Friday clarified that the President must resign 60 days before the election if he will be candidate.

The statement also indicated that the election must be held in 2018 and the president must find a consensus with the opposition to restore the order in the country, and if he couldn’t fulfill these tasks asked by the HCC, he will be dismissed.



Madagascar ruling, opposition parties both hold gatherings to express opinions

ANTANANARIVO Madagascar (Xinhua) -- The ruling and opposition parties both held assemblies Saturday in two different areas in Antananarivo, the Madagascar’s capital city.

About ten kilometers at the north of city, in the coliseum of Antsonjombe, Madagascar’s ruling party Hery Vaovaon’I Madagasikara (HVM, new force of Madagascar) gathered their supporters to show that many people in the country need peace and hate the trouble in all forms.

The opposition led by the parliament members supporting the former president Marc Ravalomanana and former transitional president Andry Rajoelina continued their daily assembly at the historic May-13-square in Antananarivo city center to pursue their demand—the dismissing of Madagascar’s President Hery Rajaonarimampianina.

Meanwhile, both sides took advantage of famous singers to attract supporters.

As the famous Malagasy singer Rossy, who is among the parliament members of the opposition, gave free concert for their supporters, the ruling party paid the famous singer Lola to be present. Both broadcast an advertisement some days before to call the crowds join them on Saturday.

The opposition chose a strait area of the May-13-square and could fill it with about 5,000 supporters. However, the ruling party could not fill the coliseum which can accommodate 50,000 people. Only about 10 percent of the coliseum was filled and they finished their gathering early around two hours before that of opposition.

The difference of the two camps was their speeches. “We do not need other thing. We need only that the president is dismissed. Because he and his team are thieves and corrupted,” Tinoka Roberto, one of the parliament members who led the opposition, said.

Rossy, another parliament member of the May-13-square was more temperate in his speech. “We thank to the HCC for accepting our demand. But we will not stop our fight before Rajaonarimampianina is out. We will punish him at the election because Ravalomanana and Rajoelina will compete the second round of the election. Whatever the result of the election, May-13-square will agree it if Rajaonarimampianina fails.”

For the ruling party, the president of the HVM Rivo Rakotovao wants to spread appeasement by saying that “Rajaonarimampianina is owned to all Malagasy people. We respect republican value. We respect the law. We will come to show wisely to all Malagasy people that we are the most numerous.”

There were no confrontation between supporters of the two camps and the armed forces were seen nearby the two areas.


Survey shows high acceptance of mob justice in Madagascar

ANTANANARIVO Madagascar (Xinhua) -- About 41 percent of Malagasy people agree or strongly agree with the practice of mob justice, a survey conducted by the International Afrobarometer published on Thursday said.

The acceptance of mob justice is stronger in rural areas and stands at 43 percent, while it is 31 percent in urban areas. This practice is gaining momentum and tends to become a mode of operation in Malagasy society, the investigators said. The survey was conducted on a sample of 1,200 to 1,400 adults from January to March 2018.

Mob justice is considered as “justified” for the rape and zebus (Malagasy cattle) theft by respectively 44 percent and 40 percent of Malagasy people, the survey showed.

In Madagascar, “the dina” or community pacts, as a means of social regulation, are part of the daily life of 79 percent of households in rural areas and 55 percent in urban areas, the survey showed.

“Moreover, in Melaky region, in the south-west of the country, about half of the inhabitants confirmed the practice of mob justice,” Laetitia Razafimamonjy, project coordinator of the Afrobarometer survey in Madagascar, said.


China sends ophthalmologists’ team to Madagascar

LANZHOU China (Xinhua) -- A group of Chinese ophthalmologists have been sent to Madagascar to perform cataract surgeries, Chinese health authorities said on Tuesday.

The team is comprised of eight doctors, sent by Gansu provincial health and family planning commission, the second affiliated hospital of Lanzhou University and Peking University People’s Hospital.

They will perform 200 procedures, donate 250,000 U.S. dollars worth of medical equipment and supplies to local health institutions, and train local eye doctors.

Sino-Malagasy health cooperation dates back more than 40 years, and involves support for the construction and renovation of hospital infrastructure, donation of materials and equipment, medical training, and sending of Chinese medical missions.


Chinese medical team provides free eye treatment to Madagascar’s patients

ANTANANARIVO Madagascar (Xinhua) -- Chinese brightness action campaign was launched in Madagascar’s capital Antananarivo on Thursday to provide free treatment to more than 200 Malagasy patients who are suffering from cataract.

To bring the brightness back to those patients, a group of eleven Chinese ophthalmologists will work with their Malagasy companions for more than two weeks.

“As minister of health and as a surgeon, it’s really extraordinary, because you bring the light and you also transfer the light to the Malagasy team,” Madagascar’s health minister Lalatiana Andriamanarivo said during the inauguration ceremony.

For her part, the Chinese Ambassador to Madagascar Yang Xiaorong said that health is paramount for the well-being of the population and the social progress of the country.

“Since the establishment of Sino-Malagasy diplomatic relations, stable and lasting cooperation between our two countries is constantly making new progress. We have always remained faithful to the just principles of sincere friendship, peer-to-peer treatment, mutual support and win-win cooperation. Health collaboration has achieved important results,” Yang said.

“We wish to take this opportunity of the brightness action campaign to work with the Malagasy side, to further develop cooperation and broaden the areas of consensus in the field of health,” she added.

The Chinese brightness action in Madagascar is a part of the Chinese brightness action in Africa. This mission is organized and implemented by the National Health Commission of China.

Cooperation between China and Madagascar in the health sector has already lasted 43 years, with China having sent 21 Chinese medical teams and 608 Chinese doctors to Madagascar.



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