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Coastweek-- Hundred year old Mombasa monument that was dedicated to the East African Askaris, porters and carrier corps of the First World War. Mombasa African Memorial show is a faithful reproduc-tion of the arms and equip-ment of the East Africans who served in different categories during the Great War. It Is situated on Jomo Kenyatta Avenue in the Mwembe Tayari part of town. WIKIPEDIA PHOTO - ZAHRA ABDULMAJID
Renovation Of Askari Monument Progressing Well

Coastweek-- There was a bit of a panic a few weeks ago when members of the public raised concern over vandalism of the Askari Monument in Mwembe Tayari when one of the three cast bronze plaques went missing.

This was a false alarm as the plaque was removed by masons from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission with NMK’s permission.

The panel has been sent to the UK where it will be expertly renovated together with the other restoration work to the monument.

David McDonald. Technical Manager at the CWGC has sent an update about what is happening.

“Some people may recall the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) Askari Memorial 3D scanning project, which began in February 2018.

“During this time we embarked on a unique and challenging project to digitally record the features of the African Memorials in Nairobi, Mombasa and Dar Es Salaam.

“The 1st phase has been a huge success and we have been able to achieve some very high quality digital records of the memorials.

“Additionally, the 3D models have allowed our specialists to get to work in producing extremely accurate replacement pieces which have been damaged or stolen from the memorial over the years.

“The most obvious example can be seen from the digital image is the staff on which the Carrier was leaning.

The 2nd aspect of our project will already be visible to members of the public in Mombasa.

“Last week our CWGC Mason travelled from our office in Nairobi to Mombasa, to temporarily remove the central WW1 panel.

“Most people will not be aware that this panel was hand made by the sculptor of the Askari and Carrier statues, so we have tasked a specialist with restoring this to its original condition.

“The 3rd and final aspect of our project will take place in August 2018. Our Project Mason will return to Mombasa to oversee the complete restoration of the memorial.

“This will include specialist conservation stone cleaning, installation of the new replacement pieces to the statues (Inc. the Carriers staff), and he will also re-install the newly restored central WW1 panel.

“We hope to complete the project by installing a new visitor information panel so that passers-by can read about the history of this historical monuments and its significance.

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