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Coastweek -- Walter Starzoch [2nd left], Overall Winner during Madison Insurance Golf Day with 39 c/b, receives a prize from Madison Insurance Managing Director, Joshua Njiru and NGCC Captain Bajaber Taib [right] as NGCC Lady Captain Pauline Gachihi looks on. PHOTOS BY GILBERT ONCHOKE
Remarkable Feat of Two Clubs by Duncan Kingori
during the Madison Insurance Golf Day

Coastweek -- If you are into a betting business, what odds would you offer for a player getting a two club in a round of golf ? While certainly not impossible, not even improbable, for an average amateur golfer the chances of winning the ball pool would not be better than 50 -50, reports THE DRIVER.

Even that would be considered not good enough in a majority of cases to attract takers in sufficient numbers. 

Taking  into account the handicap level, accuracy of ball striking, current form and most of all, putting touch of the player concerned, the odds might go up or down a bit but to make the bet really tempting, you would have to offer fairly high odds and you might still feel confident that you would not be called upon to pay out.

So to what limit would you push the odds for a player getting not one, two, three but four 2 clubs in a round of golf ?

Surely odds on this well neigh impossibility would not just hit the roof but go right through !

And just to spice it up even more, as an extra inducement at even higher odds, make it four 2 clubs on four consecutive par threes.

You would be forgiven for offering sky high odds and as you rake in the bet monies, quietly smiling to yourself in the certain belief that all those takings are yours for keeping.  

Coastweek -- Mary Kandu, Lady Winner with 36 points during Madison Insurance Golf Day at NGCC, receives a prize from Madison Insurance Finance Controller Patrick Muturi

Well, that  smirk would have been wiped off your face and you would have been left stunned with the blow that  would be dealt to you by Duncan Kingori, who produced just that, an absolutely remarkable feat of two clubs on the 6th, 10th, 15th and the 18th during the Madison Insurance Golf Day at Nyali Golf and Country Club on Saturday 28th April 2018.  

Definitely worth a look at Google to see if it is a first at an amateur club level.

To add to your injuries, Duncan was not the only player, Ian Marshall was another who too would have depleted your takings quite considerably, having picked up two 2 clubs, on the 6th and the 15th.

Both managed to scoop a lot of balls but  quite surprisingly, even with  the 13 points Duncan picked up off his four birdies, the one on the 10th being worth 4 points, his grand total of 37 was not good enough to put him at the top of the score table.

While he stole the show with his outstanding achievement, the top scoring honour was claimed by Ian Marshall, jointly with another player, Walter Starzoch.

Both playing off 15, tied  at the top with 39 points, both with the same breakdown of 10 and 20, requiring a further count back over the last six holes to determine the winner between them.

They scored their 19 points in the 1st nine in different ways, Walter going steady, dropping just a single point off a double bogey on the 5th but more than making up with 3 points each off pars on the 3rd and the 7th.

Ian on the other hand started with a blank but his 2 club on the 6th, one of the two of the round, yielded 4 points to make up the loss of the 2 points and a par on the 5th earned him an extra point.

On the back nine, at the end of the first three holes, Walter was one behind with 7 points with just one par on the 11th yielding 3 points while Ian had  picked 8 points with pars on the 10th and 11th earning him 3 points each.

However, on the crucial last six holes, Ian lost out, despite making 3 points apiece with a par on the 14th and a 2 club birdie on the 15th thanks, or no thanks, to the blanked 18th, finishing with 12 points. 

Walter on the other hand made 13 points.

He too picked up 3 points a piece with pars on the 13th and the 16th, regulation 2 points on the rest, except the 18th which caused him trouble too, but he got off with a bogey, claiming the Overall Winner prize, leaving Ian to take the first prize in the Men’s category.

There was quite a crowd for the second place in that category, no less than four players, Charles Rob, I Auma, Aameen Dhanji and Jon Stokes vying on 38 points.

Rob robbed them all with his clearly superior count back of 22, against Auma and Ameen’s 19 and  Jon’s 17.

Aameen and Jon not only lost out on count back but on top of it, received a chop each in their handicaps.

Jon however had the consolation of winning the best first nine as well as the nearest to the pin prize but even from that advantageous position on the 18th, a 2 club eluded him, which just underscores the fortuitousness of  offering odds on that bet !

Charles secured his runner up prize by starting slowly with 16 points, reserving his better golf for the second nine  with 22 points through a superb knock of one under par 34 shots.

The loss of 2 points in the 1st nine was the result of dropping four points off bogeys on the 3rd, 5th and the 7th and a double on the 4th, making up just two with pars on the 2nd and a two club on the 6th

On the back nine, he dropped just a single shot with a bogey on the 15th but more than made it up with two birdies, on the 11th and  the 13th.

His birdie on the 13th yielded 4 points while the birdie on the 11th together with pars on the 14th and 16th fetched 3 points each, leaving him with  five surplus points set off against just a single point lost to the bogey on the 15th.  

Mary Kandu was the Winner Lady with 36 points, followed by Alyssa Jamal with 35 points which placed her at the top of the Juniors category.

On the other end of the age spectrum was Duncan Ndegwa to take the Best Senior prize.

Several other prizes were laid out by the sponsors who also rewarded each participant with a starting off gift of a T-shirt and with a dinner to round off the day, accompanied by a bottle of the Johnnie Walker golden liquid on each table.

Many thanks Madison Insurance and Johnnie Walker.


Overall Winner: Walter Starzoch 39 points.

Winner Man: Ian Marshall 39 points, Runner up Man: Charles Rob 38 points, Winner Lady: Mary Kandu 36 points.

Best Junior: Alyssa Jamal 35    points, Best Senior: Duncan Ndegwa 31 points.

Sponsor’s Guest Winner: M Wanyoike 28 points, Staff Winner: Stanley Karanja 18 points.

Best First Nine: Jon Stokes 21 points, Best Second Nine: Abdalla Taib 22 points.

Longest Drive Man: Ranjveer  Dhanjal, Longest Drive Lady: Vanessa Peris.

Nearest to the Pin: Jon Stokes.


Coastweek -- Duncan Ndegwa, (centre), Senior Winner with 31 points during Madison Golf Day at NGCC, receives a prize from Francis Miano of Madison and NGCC Lady Captain, Pauline Gachihi.



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