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Mombasa Friend Recalls Late Franklin Pereira As
A Peoples Champion And Above All A Family Man

Coastweek-- As unreal and unbelievable as it seems, we have gathered here in prayer to pay our respects to our dear Franklin Pereira and to celebrate his rich, colourful talented and blessed life.

His incredible life is a testimony to his exceptional and unique qualities that have endeared us to him over the years.

He has left us many fond and cherished memories, too many to count, that will keep us close forever.

I have had the pleasure and honour to know Franky all my life.

As I look around this church today and think of the many thousands of people that could not be here, there is not a single person who has not been touched by Franky’s warm hand of friendship, his unselfish generosity, his advice, his sincere smile, his humour and his kindness.

His ethos in life was Ask not what people can do for me but ask what I can do for people.

So, I am here to talk about Franky, the peoples champion and above all a Family Man.

Franky was a loving and caring husband to his darling wife Euphemia, He meant everything to him.

Her kindness care and support over the years was amazing and exemplrary.

I know how grateful Franky was and how concerned he always was for her well-being.


Franklin Dominic Jeronimo Pereira | Coastweek

  Coastweek-- Franklin Dominic Jeronimo Pereira was for many years the Portuguese Honorary Coast Consul for Consulate in Mombasa.

Franky and Euphemia were blessed with two handsome sons Jeff and Kit and an adorable daughter Denise. He excelled at praising them for their achievements and talents and the loving care and support that they gave him.

He would seize every opportunity to cater to their needs.

Such was his love and concern for them. 

Franky’s joy was complete with the arrival of his doting, inseparable and much loved grandchildren Desiree, Kyle, Chrystal, Kristian and Sam and his caring and affectionate daughter-in-law Rashida and son-in- law Patrick whose company he truly enjoyed. 

Franky was immensely proud of his close- knit family.

They were his pride and joy and he was always there for them.

He nurtured and fulfilled their every hope and dream.

The family in turn deeply respected and truly loved Franky, an invaluable friend whose advice and guidance they treasured and followed.

Franky was a loving and caring son to his parents, Christopher and Peggy and had the highest regard and love for his dear inseparable brother Michael and sister in law Maria and his sisters Phila and Patty, brothers in law Stan and Robert, his late mother in law affectionately known as Nana, his dearly departed sisters in law Maria and Bertha, his brother in law Steve and Delia and sisters in law Netty, Eudoxy and Ideena and all their families.

The family in turn deeply respected and truly loved Franky, an invaluable friend whose advice and guidance they treasured and followed.

To Phila, his sister Franky was her Rockstar due to his love for music and for being a superstar in every sense of the word.

To us, his many friends the world over,

Franky made a difference to all our lives by making time for us and simply being a part of it.

He touched everyone with his big warm giving heart and loving nature.

Always putting others before himself.

Always dignified and a true gentleman!

Always welcoming and hospitable to friends and strangers alike.


He had a special way of making me laugh and smile

He always knew the right thing to say

He was charming and sensitive

Caring Thoughtful and Kind

In everything he did, he was devoted and true

And with everything he said, he was sincere and considerate

To me he was a friend in a million or as my Dad often said there is no better person than Franky in this world.

I am sure Franky is looking down on us saying how many times do I have to tell you that we are more than friends… We are FAMILY!  

During his hard working and dedicated career with East African Customs, Fourways Travel, Freight Forwarders and other business ventures, he always excelled at what he did and richly earned the respect of and friendship of hundreds of colleagues with his knowledge, managerial skills, integrity, determination, dedication, irresistible charm and friendly smile. He had the Midas touch. Everything he touched turned to gold.  

Franky’s ancestral roots are in Goa and he was immensely proud to live up to the unique Goan tradition and culture embodied in our faith, food, music, dance, language, friendship and hospitality.

His popularity within various organisations in the Community was the direct result of years of tireless and unselfish contribution to numerous Community and charitable organisations and projects.

The Goan Institute is a shining example of his vision, dedication generosity and selfless service to the well being of the Community.

His constant willingness to do his best and achieve for others, made him a sought after individual.

And Franky was suitably bestowed the honour of being the Honorary Consul for Portugal for many years, an office he truly cherished.

Franky was deeply religious with an unswerving devotion to all aspects of the faith.

He always placed his life in the hands of God and in his most powerful weapon, the family Rosary said every morning at 7am.

What a great way to start the day he used to say to me.

He was bold and courageous and loved to travel far and wide.

An all round sportsman as player captain or coach, of unrivalled talent who excelled in many sports, hockey tennis and cricket to name but a few.

As I watched him play in many hockey matches for club, Coast province or country, I used to shudder even before he took a short corner in case the ball made a hole in the net or hearing the deafening sound of the back boards.

A real winner.

What you saw with Franky is what you got. He wore his heart on his sleeve.

He loved nature and the open sea. Boating, Fishing, and swimming were some of his other passions.

Despite all his incredible achievements Franky still displayed a humility so rarely seen today.

I know we will all miss his cheerful face with the radiant, beaming smile …

We will miss his fantastic sense of humour and that infectious laugh that brightened everyone’s day.

We will miss his impressionable personality, whose presence was felt around any room or hall.

We will miss his shining example of always being positive and being resolute in the face of adversity, for his steely determination to fight his ailments and get on with life without being a burden on anyone

We will miss his advice and understanding.

We will miss his helping hand and someone to laugh with

We will miss his elegant dancing that graced many a floor and his passion for music

We will miss that inseparable bond of friendship either as family or friends.

But despite all our misses, lets be eternally grateful to Franky for his achievements and let the rich legacy he has left us speak volumes forever.

A legacy of kindly and generous deeds

A helping hand for others needs

Sincere and true in heart and mind

Beautiful memories he leaves behind

We are reminded by our recent great Pope, Pope John Paul 2 that ‘’Man exists not for death but for immortality’ and that is why we are assured that Franky’s passing away and our loss is only temporary.

For we shall all meet again in a brighter land

Where farewell is never spoken and

Where we shall clasp each other hand in hand

And the clasp shall not be broken.

Although words seem to say so little, and yet, so much could be said about a truly wonderful friend,

I hope they help in some small way to ease our sense of loss that we are still experiencing 

I want you to know that these words and feelings were born over time, and from circumstances and reality.

I didn’t really choose them ………. MY HEART did!

Rest assured, Euphemia, Jeff and Rashida, Denise and Patrick, Mike and Maria, Phila and Stan, his baby sister, Patty and Robert and your dear families,

You will continue to receive forever the prayers and support of Franky who sits in the company of the angels and saints and your beloved son and our much loved brother Kit and from your family and friends the world over.

Asante sana Franky for all that you did and achieved and forever in your debt I shall remain.

Our Dearest Franky, Your mission on earth accomplished, God called you home, it was his will, the void you leave will never be filled but in our hearts you will live forever.

God bless you always Franky and rest in peace with your beloved son and our wonderful brother Kit.

So its Adios for now but not farewell. Till we meet again my dear friend.

We always loved you Franky and we always will.

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