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Coastweek -- Allan Dainty, [left], Man Winner during Captain’s Prize 2017 with a differential of 31 receives Captain Putter from 2017 MGC Captain Mark Mbua. It was sponsored by KPA, Mitchell Colts, Power Parts Regional Logistics, Combrok Ltd, Kericho Gold and friends of the Captain.

Allan Dainty scoops Captain's Prize

Coastweek -- Following the train of golf competitions hosted by the outgoing office holders, first at Nyali Golf and Country Club and the latest, the Lady Captain of Mombasa Golf Club last week, it was the turn of the Mombasa Golf Club Captain, Mark Mbua, reports THE DRIVER.

As is customary, Mark’s Captain’s Prize was played over two days, Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th February 2018.

The main event was open to the male members of the Club and invited male guests, along with which a subsidiary event was run on Sunday to which ladies were invited.

The caddies also played their own competition the previous day.

Also in keeping with the tradition, the first of the 36 hole round was on stroke play format, to be offset by the points collected off stableford scoring on Sunday, a definite respite after the tough medal round.

The competition poster containing the view of the joint 2nd and 9th green against the stunning back drop of the gleaning blue green water of the Indian Ocean and the outline of the South Coast beyond was mouth watering enough to tempt anyone eligible to grab the opportunity to play on that spectacular course.

But as is well observed, a thing of beauty, a thing of joy forever, can also be a thing of great deception, concealing dangers lurking deep down, not apparent on the surface.

That is what the Front Club Course is famous for, which only those who have played there often are familiar and therefore able to cope with.

One of them is Allan Dainty, a past Captain and a veteran of the Club who probably knows the Course better than the back of his palm.

Allan put all that local knowledge to good use to produce a fantastic first round score of nett  64 off one under par 70  blows, the result in the main of keeping to the straight and narrow, not straying off the fairways and getting on the greens within the stroke allowance.

Coastweek -- Zayan Din, teeing off during during Captain’s Prize 2017 at the Mombasa Golf Club.

Allan made a steady start with a par, bogey, par, par and then bang, a birdie on the stroking par four fifth, which put him level par up to that stage.

With pars on the rest except the par three 7th which he bogeyed, Allan finished the front nine one over par 36 shots, two under his handicap.

His back nine was a sizzling display of par golf, starting with the 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th, followed by the 15th and 17th, all these pars interspersed with two birdies, on the par five 14th and a 2 club on the 16th.

The only blemish on the card was a bogey on the last, perfectly acceptable for a difficult, stroking hole, to finish with 2 under par 34 shots, nett 31.

On a day when centuries were galore, a total of 27 which represented a little over half the field of 50 and many more verging on a century, Allan’s gross 70 was exceptional, being the only score in the seventies, the nearest  being eleven shots apart, 81 gross shot by Qamar Somji.

However, the format for this competition takes into account that great leveler, the handicapping system, of which a perfect illustration was provided by the next score in the line, a nett 65 carded by Bernard Simiyu who stands on the opposite end of the handicap arc, with his 21, against Allen’s 6.

Bernard made his six under handicap nett 65 with a fantastic first nine knock of nett 30.5, through pars on the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 9th, the fifth being a double stroking hole and the rest all stroking holes, resulting in an advantage of five shots under handicap.

He could not keep up the momentum on the back nine, starting with bogeys on the first five holes, the only pars coming on the 15th and the 16th but a triple bogey on the 18th taking away the gain.

However, his total of 45 shots was still within his handicap allowance on nett 34.5.

A bit of distance away from these top two leaders was another regular Mombasa Golf Club player, former Chairman Peter Kimanga with 71 nett.

Peter started with a bogey on the 1st, but immediately picked up a shot with a birdie on the 2nd.

Then followed a disappointing stream of bogeys, on the 3rd, 4th and 7th and  doubles, on the 5th, 6th and 9th with just one par on the 8th to bring the total to 9 over par  44,  nett 37.5 for the 13 handicapper.

An improved back nine resulted in  four over par 40 shots, off pars on the first and the last hole of the nine, with 2 birdies in between, a 2 club on the 12th and on the par five 17th which made up for an unfortunate double on the 14th.

With six shots allowance on the back nine, bogeys on the remaining four holes, the 11th, 13th, 15th and 16th kept his score in the red, finishing with nett 33.5.

Behind the third placed Peter stood five players within four shots, Evans Manono a guest player and Bharat Chavda on 73, Irfan Hassan and Mburu Kariuki on 74 and Qamar Somji on 75, setting up an interesting scenario for the deciding round to follow on Sunday morning.

The leader Allan had quite a late start in the morning by virtue of the selected draw and so should have had time to catch up on sleep and shake off the after effects of any revelries of Saturday night.

However, he did not seem to put to good use this advantage, taking time to warm up, playing a rather indifferent first nine.

Starting with a blank and blanking the 7th as well, he also dropped points on the 3rd and 4th  to bogeys, finishing with no more than 12 points.

The start to the back nine was marginally better, a point on the 10th off a bogey and 2 points each on the 11th  and 12th off pars, time enough perhaps to have warmed up, Allan came up with two straight birdies, the first of which, on the 13th was worth 4 points and the next on the 14th and par on the 15th worth 3 points each, picking up a total of 15 points up to then.

However, he failed to add any on the next hole, by blanking it but managed to pick up regulation 2 points on the 17th off a par and then added 4 points off third birdie, on the stroking 18th to finish with an excellent score of 21 points.

Although his total of 33 for the round  fell short of the regulation score by three points, set off against his first round score of nett 64 resulted in a differential of 31, five better than the regulation differential of 36.

More crucially, it turned out to be the best result on the board.  

Bernard Simiyu who was just a shot behind at the start of the second round was left a considerable distance behind with the differential of 40 and no one else was able to close up the gap, securing the coveted Captain’s Prize for Allan.

Bernard was in the same flight as Allan on Sunday and he too seemed not to have fully recovered from the previous night’s after effects, though he fared slightly better than Allan in the first nine.

He dropped two points straightaway  to double bogeys  and another to another double bogey on the 8th and two more to the blanked fifth, losing five points over those four holes.

However, a bogey on the double stroking 9th gave him 3 points, reducing the deficit to four, a total of 14 points at the end of first nine.

Unfortunately worse was yet to come on the back nine.

Two double bogeys, starting with the 10th and on the 13th and a triple on the 18th cost him 3 points each but more costly were the blanked 14th and 15th, resulting in a loss of seven points, end result of 11 points for the back nine.

But as with Allan, the same advantage of an excellent first nine score, in Bernard’s case of nett 65, off set by 25  points helped him retain his second position, the next best differential falling by a single number, 41 carded by Mburu Kariuki who was joint fifth in the leaders’ line up on Saturday.

Mburu too had his share of dropped points on the first nine, with bogeys on the 1st, 3rd and 7th and blanked 6th, he was short of five points but managed to recover two off 3 points each with pars on the 4th and the 8th to finish with 15 points.

On the back nine Mburu made regulation 18 points, losing two points, starting with the very first, the 10th through a bogey and on the last, the 18th through a double bogey.

However, he squared off both by picking up 3 each on the 14th and the 17th by parring both.

Qamar Somji was the last in line in the main prize line with a differential of 43, picking up 32 points on Sunday to off set against his first nine score of 75.

The best score for Sunday did not come from any of the top scorers but from Eric Nyongesa who had been lying fairly low on Saturday, obviously resolving to do his best on Sunday to feature on the board.

Eric too found the first nine tougher than the second, falling four short of the regulation 18 points.

He lost a total of five points through the blanked 2nd and 9th and one more through a bogey on the 7th but made one up by earning 3 points on the 6th off a par.

On the back nine too, he suffered the blight of a blank, on the 16th but a string of 3 points, made through birdies  on the 10th and the 14th and pars on the 11th and the 18th made up the loss and left him in surplus of two, 20 points added to the 14 of the  first nine producing the best Sunday score of 34.

There were several other categories of winners, a full list of which appears below.

All the prizes and all the usual perks of participating in a major competition, such as the starting off gift of T shirts, refreshments at the sixth banda, half time drinks, lunch, tea and the lunch following the prize giving on Sunday were courtesy of a band of sponsors, chief of whom were KPA, Mitchell Cotts, Power Parts, Regional Logistics, Combrok Ltd, Njuca Consolidated, Kericho Gold, Nulook Links and friends of the Captain.

Asante Sana to all of them and the Captain for a  weekend of tough golf combined with fun.


Winner Captain’s Prize: Mombasa 2017 Allan Dainty Differential 31 (64-33)

Runner up: Bernard Simiyu Differential 40 (65-25)

Third: Mburu Kariuki Differential 41 (74-33)

Fourth: Qamar Somji Differential 43 (75-32)

Best Guest: Evans Manono Differential 43 (73-30)

Best Past Captain: Martin Wahome Differential 51 (84-33)

Runner up Past Captain: Ben Mureithi Differential 58 (83-25)

Best Senior: Duncan Ndegwa Differential 57 (79-22)

Best Saturday: Peter Kimanga nett 71

Best Sunday: Eric Nyongesa points 34

Best Lady: Joyce Masai points 25

Runner up Lady: Wambui Warui points 20

Best Caddy: Elly Onditi nett 68

Runner up Caddy: Joel Maundu nett 73



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