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KSPCA Calendar Events of Diani Triathlon and
‘Summer Festival’ Lined Up for April and June

Coastweek--  It has been a very quiet month indeed with little going on except endless numbers of cats being brought in for one reason or another.

So very few visitors but we seem to have been incredibly busy with other things.

A little cat was brought in – it has a very severe case of mites and is very thin.

The cat has been receiving Ivermectin (heartworm dawa) injections and is well on the way to recovery.

This and many other kinds of problems come in to us on a regular basis.

Some of the cases we can sort out, but, sadly others we can’t.

We do what we can.

We had a reasonably good month with regard to re-homing but we do still have a number of lovely dogs and cats looking for loving homes.

This month we have also had a number of calls regarding dogs that have been abandoned by their owners.

This is very sad as all they have to do is contact the KSPCA and bring their dogs here.

I don’t even know how people can abandon a dog/cat and then sleep well!

Some facts and figures for you regarding the Mombasa Office for 2017.

Dogs:  Admitted – 248, Re-homed – 103, Treated – 297, Neutered – 160, Euthanized/Died – 194

Cats:  Admitted – 487, Re-homed – 76, Treated – 305, Neutered – 218, Euthanized/Died – 396

Investigations:  114 Mombasa Office covers an area from Shimoni to beyond Malindi and Voi for Slaughters Houses.

We received a report about a camel in the middle of Links Road, Nyali with all its legs tethered.

This is not the first time that we have had to deal with camels on the road.

Luckily, we know the owner and where to find him.

Would you believe it but we have had termites in our lovely new concrete cupboard – they munched all our fantastic pile of old newspapers – never knew newspapers tasted so good!

So, once again, if you have any old newspapers we can give them a very good home now that we have dealt with the termite problem in the cupboard.

We also have termites in our ceiling which will have to be dealt with and most of the ceiling will now have to be replaced.

The ceiling is actually very old indeed and is long overdue for replacing.

Our poor Chief Inspector nearly had a heart attack when this large chunk of ceiling fell down whilst he was in the office and his back turned – Rudisha wouldn’t have caught him!

We are looking for donations for this.

Two of our night dogs decided to have a difference of opinion which resulted in the dog equivalent of fisticuffs and teeth and we had to call our vet to come and stitch one of them up.

He had a nasty hole in his face.

The one who came off worse was the one who started it!

Is that what one calls Karma?

I’m not sure that he has learnt a lesson.

We are asking everyone to please renew their Memberships for 2018.

Please also ask friends and family to become members.

Every little helps us with the work that we do here.

You can M-pesa me on 0722719499but please could you add the withdrawal amount.

I often have to end up putting money into my M-pesa to withdraw cash sent to us.

We do receipts for every M-pesa amount sent in.

If anyone wants to see the receipt I can take a picture of it and if you have WhatsApp I can forward it to you or I can scan it and send it via E-mail.

Why don’t you take out a Membership for a child, another member of your family or a friend, as a birthday present?

The Diani Triathlon will be held on the 7th and 8th April – however, I shall confirm these dates in a later Newsletter.

Think about getting a team up and come and have a go.

It’s good fun and I guess we can all do with some exercise.

Bahari Beach Hotel will be holding a Summer Festival on the 9th June with the proceeds going to the KSPCA.

More details about this will be sent out nearer the time including final confirmation of the date.

I understand that there will be all sorts of things going on so well worth a visit – so keep that date free.

Just a reminder:  You know how time flies by and we lose track. Please check that all your dogs and cats’ rabies vaccinations are up to date. It is so easy to forget and it really is incredibly important.

We have managed to put in two new water lines to our kennels.

This makes it a lot easier for cleaning and disinfecting the kennels each morning and a lot quicker as they don’t have to cart buckets of water around.

We were given water tanks and we want to get these installed for the fresh water as we have continual problems with the mains water supply.

Di Purchase, the staff and all our wonderful helpers and our many resident furry residents.

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