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Many lions killed in recent human-wildlife conflict in Namibia

WINDHOEK  Namibia (Xinhua) -- Human-Wildlife Conflict (HWC) has become frequent over recent weeks in Namibia and lions are at the short end of the stick, as up to 25 lions have died so far this year, an official said Monday.

Namibia’s Minister of Environment and Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta on Monday at a press briefing addressing HWC said as a result of human population growth, wildlife population growth, unplanned agricultural activities and expansion of agricultural, human encroachment on previously wild and un-inhabited areas has been on the rise.

“As a result of the incidents of human-lion conflict around the Etosha National Park, eight lions were killed in the Omusati region, of which six were killed by members of the communities while two were killed by the Ministry officials after being declared as problem-causing animals,” he said.

According to Shifeta, in the Oshana region, one lion was killed by community members while three other were destroyed by Ministry officials as they again were deemed problem animals.

Furthermore he said in the Kunene region 13 lions have been killed, with the bulk of the killings occurring at the hands of farmers and the community.

Shifeta said that his ministry has currently put in place measures that endeavor to avoid the conflict. These measures include the prevention, protection and mitigation strategies, that attempt to reduce the level of impact and lessen the problem.

“It is a complex and serious problem that if not addressed appropriately with the necessary understanding, can harm if not destroy conservation efforts and tourism benefits for the country,” he added.

According to Shifeta the estimate population for lions the country is pegged at 700 with main concentration of 430 in the Etosha National Park and 120 in the Kunene and parts of the Erongo region.



Namibia seeks partners for clean energy: president

WINDHOEK Namibia (Xinhua) -- Namibian President Hage Geingob said Wednesday that Namibia seeks partners and advice on how to use the abundant clean energy.

Geingob said this when he met with former Ghanaian president John Mahama at State House in Windhoek.

“It is a crisis in this part of the world. It is the driest area. So we are really having a problem but we would like to tackle it,” Geingob said.

He added that Namibia has all clean energy resources, including uranium.

“So we seek people to join us and advise us,” he said.

Mahama is in Namibia on behalf of the African Development Bank that has identified the country as one that has the potential to generate enough electricity for domestic use and export.

Now a power provision advocate for the African Development Bank, Mahama said was chosen because of its geographical position.

His visit, Mahama said, comes after the African Development Bank has set aside renewable and clean energy targets for Africa.

“It is believed that Namibia is strategic in terms of stabilizing and increasing power supply in the whole of the southern African region,” Mahama told the media after a closed door meeting.


China’s Tencent to brief Namibia on Earth exploration program

WINDHOEK Namibia (Xinhua) -- A delegation from China’s tech giant Tencent as well as tech-support experts will be in Windhoek, Namibia to brief the country on its Earth exploration program, QQ Project X, on July 21.

Namibia was selected as one of two countries for the 2017 edition of the QQ Project X by Tencent. Earth Explorers selected to take part in the project will undertake exploration missions and share their experience on the Internet.

According to Namibia’s Ministry of Information and Technology on Tuesday, the project will essentially involve 15 Chinese youth volunteers travelling to Namibia and filming the sky and broadcasting.

At the launch of the project held in May this year, Namibia’s Ambassador to China, Elia Kaiyamo said Namibia was selected for this project based on its beautiful scenery, exceptional wildlife, cultural heritage but more importantly, for the splendid African night sky in the Namib Desert.

According to Kaiyamo, Namibia is home to the only space tracking station of China in Africa, playing a vital role in China’s space programs and he added that Namibia will be available to work at all times in a win-win partnership with Tencent.

The Tencent Company was founded in 1998 and is one of the leading providers of the Internet value added services which produces social media applications such as QQ and WeChat. 


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