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Eight patients who underwent eye surgery | Coastweek

Coastweek--  Eight of the thousands of happy people who can see again because of Diani Rules
16 Teams to Take Part In Diani Rules
Charity Over Madaraka Day Weekend

Coastweek--  Diani Rules is an annual Team Building event started 27 years ago by a few people who thought it would be a good idea to bring people to the coast during the low season for some fun and to raise money for a worthwhile cause.

It is always held on the Madaraka Day Weekend.

We invite people from all over the world to partake in events that have had their rules changed to level the playing field for all standards and ages of players to participate (young, old, fit, unfit all are welcome).

Teams are made up of eight players, with a minimum of three women partaking in each event.

Thanks to the generosity of local establishments we are able to get good rates for accommodation for competitors and spectators.

Over the years the event has been held at Nomads, Alliance Hotels, Forty Thieves Beach Bar, Pinewood Beach Resort, and Diani Sea Lodge.

This year we are back at Diani Sea Lodge. We would not be able to run this huge event without the assistance of many local residents who help us out as officials and administrators and we are always on the lookout for eager volunteers.

  Eye operations | Coastweek
  Coastweek-- Diani Rules have performed 35,000 eye operations.

For the last twenty one years all funds raised by this unique event have been donated to the very worthwhile Kwale Eye Centre.

When we have the benefit of a major sponsor we have raised in excess of 1,500,000/-Kshs, without a major sponsor we normally raise around 500,000/-Kshs.

This year we hope to have over 16 teams participating and we look forward to anyone else who wishes to come along and enjoy the weekend.

The origin of Diani Rules as a name came about because whatever sports are played, the rules are changed to allow people of all ages to compete in the fun and most of the sports are played on the beach or in the sea.

Sponsorship of a team gives eight competitors (minimum of three women in each game) two tee shirts each with sponsors logo on the back, two dinners and two lunches for the three day event.

Over 20 years of fighting blindness

Diani Rules has raised an astonishing 14, 293,030Ksh for Kwale Eye Centre!

The Eye Centre has grown from a basic clinic to a large Centre which offers affordable, comprehensive (helping those whose sight cannot be saved) eye care, while also establishing and maintaining a strong grassroots community arm.

90,000 patients have been seen at the Centre, and a further 500,000 in the field.

We have performed 35,000 eye operations of which 3,368 were funded directly by Diani Rules through the Poor Patients Fund.

This fund means that we can treat people who need it even if they cannot pay what it costs.

1 in every 100 Kenyan was blind – 80 percent is preventable.

The commonest cause of blindness is cataract. We perform over 1,000 operations each year.

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