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Eighty-Two Golfers Battle It Out At
Coast Hospice Charity Tournament 

Coastweek -- In the spirit of combining personal pleasure with altruism, eighty two players took to the field on Saturday 8th April 2017 at Nyali Golf and Country Club to play the Coast Hospice Charity Golf Tournament, reports  THE MARKER.

This is an annual tourney which helps raise money in aid of the Coast Hospice, a place where the terminally ill patients find care and  comfort in their sunset days.

The field may have been smaller than usual but was not lacking in quality, especially at the top of the result sheet which was crowded with good scores, the best being 39 stableford, followed by a neat line up of second and third, each being a point behind respectively with 38 and 37.

The top score of 39 was carded by Anthony Polo to emerge as the Overall Winner. 

Starting with a birdie, Anthony picked up 3 points straightaway and although he lost the extra point earned on the first hole and one more to the blanked 2nd, to go into a deficit of a point, he made up the loss immediately with a par on par three 3rd which yielded 3 points, followed by another par on another par three, the 6th to gain an extra point, but levelling up with a double bogey on the 7th which cost him a point.

A par on the 8th however earned him another extra point to finish with 19 points. 

With four holes, the 10th, 11th, 14th and 17th yielding 3 points each and 12th, 13th, 15th and 16th  worth regulation 2 points each leaving four surplus points in hand, the second nine was definitely more profitable, until the 18th where Anthony came to grief finishing with nil score and a total of 20 points.

He was closely followed by Christine Ockotch carding 38 points.

Christine also collected 20 points on the back nine but a slight hitch in the first half, starting from the very first  where she suffered a loss of a point through a bogey and further down on the 8th through a double bogey, although made up with 3 points each on the 5th and  7th off pars, ended her first nine with regulation 18 points.

She improved her back nine score by 2 more, her 20 points comprised a birdie on the 18th yielding 4 points and  pars on the 13th and 16th yielding 3 points each, depleted by just a point off a double bogey on the 14th.

Christine may have fallen short by one for the top  place but secured her place as the top lady player.

Vimal Ranpura followed with 37 points, starting slowly in the first nine with 17, having lost a point to a double bogey on the 3rd and blanked the 4th, he managed to make one up with 3 points coming off a par on the 8th.

On the back nine however, he parred four holes, starting with the 10th, followed by the 11th, 13th and finishing with the 18th but suffered the loss of a point each through a double bogey  on the 14th and a bogey on the 15th.

Being third in the score line and second on the men’s side, Vimal was entitled to the Men Winner prize but  declined it, very generously deciding to donate it to the next best score, 36 points which was shared by a bunch of five  players, Anand Patel, Tushara De Silva, Fredrick Wagura, Paul Macharia and Aly Jamal.

Among them, Anand  had the best count back of 20 points, with regulation 2 points on all holes except the 15th and 16th where he picked up 3 each off a par and one over respectively, leaving the rest to fight out for the last remaining place on the men’s side.

The contest was tight for this, three of the remaing four, Tushara, Fredrick and Paul, all tied with 19 points while Aly was a bit of a way behind with 15 points, despite picking up 3 points each off pars on the 11th, 17th and 18th, he lost all those surplus points and one more courtesy of the blanked 15th and double bogeys on the 10th, 14th and 16th which knocked him out of the contest.

Among the trio with 19 points, Tushara was the clear winner, having started well with 3 points off a par on the 10th, he dissipated the advantage through a bogey on the 11th and the blanked 12th, but saved his best play for the remaining six holes, regulation 2 points each on the 13th, 14thand  15th and then bang with a birdie on the 16th yielding 4 points and ending with a par on the 18th worth 3 points and a total of 15 points in the last six holes.

As with Tushara, Fredrick too had a similar advantage for the last six holes with his haul of 4 points off a par on the 13th and 3 off one over on the stroking 16th but a double bogey on the 14th dented his score, leaving him  with 14.

The last in the line, Paul, had started well with a steady score of 2 points each on the 10th, 11th and 12th but for the crucial last six holes, dropped a point right at the beginning, with a double bogey on the 13th, followed by a loss of a point on the 16th through a bogey.

He managed to recover a point each through pars on the 15th, 17th and 18th to finish with 13 points.

Sanjeev Dhutia brought up the rear with the Best Junior prize with 33 points, made up with a rather poor start, blanking three holes, starting with the very first, followed by 3rd and 7th, ending the first half with 13 points.

In the back nine, he went on to improve his position with 7 points more than in the first, with pars on 10th and 11th and one more par, on the 15th earning 3 points each, reduced by a point on off a double bogey on the 12th

A good day of golf enjoyed by the participants which managed to raise a tidy sum of Shillings 83,000.00 for the Hospice, leaving everyone feeling like a winner.

A big Thank You to all who played and helped achieve this result.



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