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Faraja Trust Launched the First Multiple
Myeloma and Lymphoma Support Group

Coastweek-- Faraja Cancer Support Trust has launched the first multiple myeloma support group g in the country.

The support group will provide a platform for sharing information and giving hope to myeloma and lymphoma cancer patients and their caregivers.

Multiple myeloma is a rare kind of cancer that affects the bone marrow.

The cancer is formed by malignant plasma cells which play an important part is an individual’s immune system.

When the plasma cells become cancerous and grow out of control, they produce a tumor called plasmacytoma. Multiplication of the plasmacytoma is called multiple myeloma.

The disease is prevalent in mature age groups between 40-71 years.

Dr. Anne Mwirigi, Consultant Haematologist and Haema-oncologist, says, “The diagnosis and treatment of myeloma is evolving and we are seeing more patients living longer.

“This is mainly attributed to advanced research in cancer treatment and drugs.

“Additionally, we encourage people to live healthy lifestyles and get screened for cancer. Early detection has positive effect in successful treatment.”

Some patients have no symptoms of multiple myeloma however; the disease is characterized by bone pain, impaired kidney functions and increased vulnerability to infections.

The definitive cause of multiple myeloma has not been established, but research has suggested several factors may be risk factors or contribute to multiple myeloma development in an individual.

Currently, there is no evidence that heredity plays a role in multiple myeloma development so it is not considered to be a hereditary disease.

Environmental exposures to herbicides, insecticides, benzene, hair dyes, and radiation have been suggested as causes but definitive data is lacking. Inflammation and infection have been suggested but again not proven to cause multiple myeloma.

Speaking at the launch, Philip Odiyo, Patient Support Manager, Faraja Cancer Support Trust added, “Psychological stress of dealing with cancer can be daunting.

The road to recovery for both the patient and caregiver may not be pre-determined by the doctors. Nevertheless, meeting people facing the same situation can be a helpful coping tool to complement formal treatment.”

Faraja has started the support group to offer psychological support to the rising cases of myeloma, lymphoma and leukemia patients.

The support group will be an addition to the breast, cervical and prostate cancer meetings hosted at Faraja.

Faraja plans on including leukemia patients to this dynamic and impactful group.

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