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Gold Cup Goat Races at A.S. K. Showground - KSPCA Newsletter

Coastweek-- For those of you who missed the first ever “Gold Cup Goat Races” held in February at the A.S.K. showground in Nyali, you missed a really well organized and fun day.

Yes, it was hot, but there was plenty of shade, food and drinks not to mention some really keen goats and their handlers.

Our grateful thanks to Pauline MacKenzie and her team are really just not enough for all the effort that went into staging such an event, the logistics of which were huge, plus the motor companies who turned up with their vehicles and others who had their stalls and many others participating.

Such a novel idea for such a worthy cause.

Those that did go had a really fun time.

We have had some success in re homing some of our rescued cats and dogs and Tim Williams from Vipingo Beach has this story to tell…


Bobby and Socks who are rescue KSPCA cats | Coastweek

  Coastweek-- Bobby and Socks who are rescue KSPCA cats. 

“So, last summer our two English imported cats died, “Buzz” (22) and “Speedy” (21) who had led a idyllic life on the coast.

With the demise of the cats the rat and snake population had grown, so off to the KSPCA we go to choose two new ones.

While choosing them we checked out the Dog pound and came across “Missie”.

She was in her cage looking very confused and dejected it was as if she was saying, “There has been some terrible mistake!

“I really shouldn’t be here, there must have been some sort of clerical error, I am sure my Man will be along soon to sort it all out!”

So three weeks later, after a certain amount of badgering and arm twisting we went to pick her up and sign the adoption papers having changed her name at my daughters insistence to “Ziggy”.

On arrival home, she was greeted by much barking from “Polly” (17) and immediately jumped on by our castrated dog “Wazza” (14), both of whom are also rescue dog’s from KSPCA.

In her confusion she fell in the fish pond and much to the merriment of the other two dogs, dragged herself out. She was then confronted by the two new cats, who also put her in her place.

“Ziggy” has now settled in and a more grateful, loving dog you would not find.

“So in conclusion, if you want a new pet be it a cat or a dog, please get one from KSPCA and better friend you will never find.”


Ziggy at her new home | Coastweek

  Coastweek-- Ziggy at her new home.

(Carol Hardman and Tim Williams successfully raise funds and are actively involved in The Vipingo Village Fund - Changing Lives through Education” and we are very grateful to them for giving such loving homes to some of our rescue animals.)

The little cat that had her head split open with a panga is almost fully recovered now. 

Also the cat that was so badly burnt with boiling water is doing very well and healing nicely.

Both are sweet, friendly and very affectionate.  I can’t think why after what people did to them – they are very forgiving!

We have had two cases of rabies brought in recently.

Please make sure that your dogs and cats vaccinations are up to date.

This is very important as there is a lot of rabies around.

Anyone who would like to become a Member of the KSPCA, Mombasa branch please contact our office and encourage others to become members.

We are the only animal rescue organization along the coast and any help is gratefully received to keep stranded cats and dogs off the streets and out of harm’s way.

Coming Events:

Saturday, 8th and Sunday, 9th April, Triathalon – Diani, at Normad Beach Bar

Saturday, 24th June – Animal Game Count Competition at Nguntuni Lodge

Best wishes, Di Purchase and the KSPCA staff plus all 4 paws.

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