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Coastweek -- Mohamed Khaku [left], winner of division A with 66 nett, receives a mug from Nyali Golf and Country Club Chairman, Thushara De Silva, while Clement Agina, [third right], division B winner with 72c/b nett, receives a mug from Nyali Golf and Country Club Vice Captain Edwin Miano and Rashid Sheikh, [second right], division C winner with 73 nett receives a mug from Gulam Khaku during March Mug at Nyali Golf and Country Club. GOLF PHOTOS COURTESY OF GILBERT ONCHOKE.
Excellent Score of 66 Nett By Mohamed
Khaku at NGCC March Mug and Medal ! 

Coastweek -- A green keeper stands in a very peculiar relationship with club members, writes THE DRIVER.

They admire the hard work he (almost without exception he, not she) puts in carrying out his tough task, the diligent dedication and commitment he shows in discharging his duties and the expertise and experience he brings into the job of keeping the course playable at all times for the enjoyment of the members.

Admiration for taking on this task a green keeper certainly receives.

What he rarely ever gets are appreciative thanks from satisfied customers, majority of whom being dissatisfied and putting the blame for their bad play on the difficulties that the green keeper puts in their way in the way he sets up the course in general and the greens in particular.

Any person brave enough to undertake this unenviable and mostly thankless task must therefore brace himself for the brickbats that are going to come his way from disgruntled players for the real or quite often the perceived grievances against the green keeper.

If Gulam Khaku, the recently elected Green Keeper at Nyali felt nervous about facing this prospect, he had a great surprise coming his way when he received not  harsh criticism but great compliments when the March Mug and Medal were played  at Nyali Golf and Country Club, the very first competition under his watch as the Green Keeper, on Saturday 11th March 2017.

And it was none other than his son Mohamed Khaku who  paid the compliments to  the Dad by bringing an excellent score of 66 nett to win the top prize in A Division.

Playing off 12, on the edge of A Division, Mohamed achieved this result by turning  in a five under handicap round of 78 strokes which placed him second in the entire field on gross, leaving behind  all players in his division save the top placed William  Kaguta who carded 74 to win the Best Gross prize.

It was a good start for Mohamed with three straight pars and one over on the rest of the holes except the 9th where he dropped two shots to a double bogey, going one over handicap with 43 shots, nett 37.

It was in the second nine that Mohamed put together his winning performance by going  level par 35, resulting in a remarkable nett of 29.

This was achieved by pars on all the holes except the 12th where he dropped a shot  but which he made up with a birdie on the 14th.

No other player in his Division could match this score in the back nine, the closest score coming from Martin Wahome, who, playing off 10, carded one over par 36, nett 31 to add to his nett 41 off 46 strokes in the front nine to finish with nett 72.

However, between Mohamed and Martin stood William with his 74 amounting to nett 71, to take the second prize in A Division, in addition to the Best Gross prize.

His total of 74 consisted of  two very consistent nines of 37 each.

With a flying start with a birdie on the very first, William added another birdie on the 4th to pick up two shots but bogeys on the 3rd and 8th levelled off his score and  another bogey on the 9th added one over par 36 which translated to one under handicap nett 35 for the three  handicapper.

The start on the back nine was less satisfactory with a bogey on the 10th followed by two more, on the 14th and the 16th which left William with three shots over par, of which he recovered one with a birdie on the 17th ending with one over handicap nett 36.

Martin standing third however had to fight off a challenge from Vishnu Dhutia, also on nett 72 but Martin’s very uneven spread of 46 in the first nine  and 36 in the back nine  worked in his favour.

With his ten over par 46 in his first nine Martin had dissipated his total handicap allowance of 10 shots in that nine.

However, the one over par knock of 36 in the back nine brought him to four under handicap nett 31 which the steadier Vishnu with his nett 37 and nett 35 respectively could not match, handing over the third prize to Martin.

Seventy two nett was the winning prize in B Division, carded by two gentlemen, Clement Agina and Ian Marshal between whom Clement had the better count back of 33 against Ian’s  35, Ian dropping two shots on the 17th with his double bogey where Clement made a par, placing him above Ian, who was followed by Peter Mwangi with nett 73 to take the third prize in the Division.

Rashid Sheikh took the first prize in C Division with nett 73, followed by Suresh Hirani with nett 75 and A Rob with nett 77 in the second and third place.

On the ladies side, two ladies, Venessa Peris and Florence Karimi managed to play to handicap, both in Silver Division, both coming up with a very good score of nett 71, requiring a count back to decide the winner.

Venessa counted out Florence with her back nine score of 38 against Florence’s 39.

Venessa did this despite a quadruple bogey 9 on the 17th and double on 12th, 14th and 16th but her pars on the 15th and 18th helped her off set the big number on the 17th and with ten shots in hand, she was better able to take care of the other dropped shots than Florence with seven shots in hand but losing six to double bogeys on the 11th, 12th, 14th, a bogey on the non stroking 15th and double to non stroking 17th which left her a shot behind Venessa.

Truphena was third with nett 73, which was also the score of the winning lady in Bronze Division, Perviz Barnsley.

Alysa Jamal took the second prize with  nett 75 and Pauline Gachihi the third with nett 77.

The Lady Captain Joyce Massai won the Best Putting prize with a round of 31 putts, a very good performance considering that while the pin positions were kinder than the usual tough positions for Mug and Medal, the top dressing that has been carried out recently creates its own difficulties, making putting no easy exercise.

In fact, judging by the moans heard around the 19th hole, this was the main reason for the average score in the field running into eighties and over, three putting being more of a norm than not.

Thank you very much as always, Johnny Walker, for supporting the mugs and medals.

Coastweek -- Winners of March Medal [from left] are, Mary Mariga, Alyssa Jamal, Perviz Barnsley, Pauline Gachihi, Joyce Masai, Truphena Oyaro, Venessa Peris, and Florence Karimi.


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