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Coastweek-- The official opening of the waterpan - Standing [from left] in  front row are Lion Shashi Desilva, Lion Lady Kirti Shah , Lion President Vipul Patel, Lion Lady Damu Shah,Lion Dhiru Shah, Lion Dr Lata Magon, Lion Inderjeet Main. Back row [from left] are Lion Lady Parbat, Lion Shahid Sheikh, Lion Morara, Lion Amir Kitabwala, Lion BT Shah (partly hidden)  and local community elders.
Lions Club of Mombasa Pwani - Largest Water Harvesting Pan

Coastweek-- On 5th February, 2017, a convoy of Lion members from the Lions Club of Mombasa Pwani together with Lion Dhirubhai Shah of Mabati Rolling Mills and Premchand Foundation representative, the region’s Chairperson Lion Tahera Biondi and zone Chairperson Lion Dr. Lata Magon, contractors, donors and government officials officially handed over one of the largest rain harvesting water pan to the community of Madzimbani Village in Mariakani – Kilifi District.

This was the 15th Water Pan by the Lions Pwani and is expected to benefit over 70,000 people.

This water pan has been dug to capture for rain harvesting and a special lining of sand stone (maji ya chumvi) applied to prevent any loss of water.

The water pan size is  approximately  100 meters × 50 meters in width with average depth of three meters (Like an average Stadium), having a storage capacity of almost 15 million litres of water.

Further two watering troughs for the surrounding livestock were also constructed.

The approximate cost was Kshs. five million which will now serve the local residents in the area.

The President Lion Vipul Patel joined in with other dignitaries to plant trees to commemorate the opening.

The dam has also been designed to capture flowing rain water which normally goes to waste and so benefit the local community in their daily usage and for planting crops.

Thousands of trees are also earmarked for planting around the water pan through the joint efforts of Lions club of Mombasa Pwani, the villagers and the County Government of Kilifi.


  Tree planting to commemorate the opening of the water pan - [from left] are Lion Shahid Sheikh (behind) ; Lion Kishore Parbat, Lion President Vipul Patel, Lion B. T. Shah, Lion Dhiru Shah, Lion Damu Shah, Lion Morara and Lion Mahendra Shah (behind).

The water pan was handed over amid dance and songs from the villagers in presence of local leaders.

The President Lion Vipul Patel thanked the Convenor of the project Lion Mahendra C. Shah, the donors, Premchandbhai Foundation and Lion Dhirubhai Shah for managing the whole project as well as the villagers for their warm welcome and dance.

He further told the villagers that trees are very important to bring rain to the area and should refrain from cutting them down to make charcoal and should plant more for the benefit of generations to come.

Lion President Lion Vipul Patel thanked the donors and also gave a special appreciation to a donor for his generous sponsorship.

He further reminded the villagers that water was life and hoped that they will maintain it and so benefit the generations to come.

Also present was Lion Dhirubhai Shah our Club’s founder member and also a very highly respected person in Mariakani area.

He reminded the community that Lions Club of Mombasa Pwani had started their medical camps here many years ago in this area and today Lion Pwani has still maintained their sponsorship in Mariakani area together with Mabati Rolling Mills.

He was now in his 54th membership years with Lions Club.

Lion Mahendra Shah gave a vote of thanks to those who participated in the construction of the water pan specially the contractor Mr. Gourave Nath for tirelessly working to meet the deadline.

The ceremony ended with distribution of free Unga (maize meal flour) for all the villagers present.

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