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Sudan signs deal with Russian company for gold exploration

KHARTOUM Sudan (Xinhua) -- Sudan’s Minerals Ministry signed an agreement with a Russian company on Monday for gold and minerals exploration at the Red Sea State in eastern Sudan.

The signing ceremony was held in Khartoum between Sudan’s Minerals Ministry and Russia’s Esimath Company, which is an affiliate of Acropol Group Russia.

“Sudan has now become a center of attraction for investors in the mining sector for its huge and documented reserves of minerals of different types,”  Mohamed Abu-Fatma, general director of Sudan’s General Geological Research Corporation, told reporters following the signing of the deal.

He added that he expected the company to achieve remarkable success in this filed.

Sudan’s gold production jumped to 93.4 tons in 2016, an average increase of 13.9 percent, compared with 82 tons in 2015.

According to the ministry, there are over two million Sudanese employees in the traditional mining industry, generating 80 percent of the country’s gold.

Currently, Sudan ranks third after Ghana and South Africa in gold production in Africa, but observers expect it to rank first by 2018.

Sudan depends on gold revenues to compensate the loss of two thirds of its oil production following the separation of Suth Sudan in 2011.


Sudan ruling party to waive half of posts for government formation

KHARTOUM Sudan (Xinhua) -- Sudan’s ruling National Congress Party (NCP) on Saturday announced that it would waive half of ministerial posts and portfolios for the parties and armed movements which participated in the national dialogue conference.

“This indicates willingness to make the dialogue successful,” said Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman, Sudan’s vice-president and a leading NCP member, addressing a party meeting.

“The state’s leadership is convinced that dialogue and accepting the other is the only way out for resolving the country’s issues,” he noted.

He further explained that the announcement of the new government delayed because of examination of the proposed names in order to have qualified cadres capable of leading and developing the country.

Sudan’s First Vice-President and Prime Minister Bakri Hassan Saleh, in consultation with the Higher Committee to follow up the implementation of National Dialogue outcomes, is scheduled to form a new government that involves the parties and armed movements which participated in the national dialogue conference in Sudan.

In January 2014, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir declared an initiative calling on the opposition parties and the armed groups to join a national dialogue to end the country’s crises.

The sessions of the national dialogue conference kicked off in October 2015 with the aim to resolve the country’s political and social issues.

In October 2016, the conference concluded its sessions by endorsing a national document which was formulated by the participants in the conference.

Major political parties and armed movements refused to participate in the conference, including the Revolutionary Front Alliance, which brings together the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM)/northern sector and major Darfur armed movements.



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