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Coastweek -- Qamber Somji, Overall Winner during 2016 Chairman’s Prize (P. Kimanga) with 37c/b, receives Chairman’s putter from Mombasa Golf Club Chairman, Peter Kimanga and Captain Jacob Murimi [left]. Mary Maraiga, Lady Winner with 31c/b points receives a prize from Elijah Ibua [right]. GOLF PHOTOS COURTESY OF GILBERT ONCHOKE.
Peter Kimanga’s Chairman’s Prize Takes Off 

Coastweek -- The see-sawing fate of now on, then off, on again and off again suffered by the Mombasa Chairman Peter Kimanga’s Prize due to scheduling uncertainties of another competition elsewhere was finally resolved and the competition did take off on Saturday 4th March 2017, reports THE DRIVER.

A word of warm appreciation definitely due to Captain Peter Kimanga for his willingness to accommodate his own big day to pave way for some other event.

Peter is well versed in the art of hosting Chairman’s Prize, having done it several times at the Front Club.

Indeed a word is doing the round that the Club should create a special position of P C, Permanent Chairman and Peter be declared as the holder of the office to eliminate the needless process of election for the Chairman’s position !

In appreciation of Peter’s continuing service to the Club, members responded well to his invitation and together with guests, 50 players took to the course that continues to present its challenges, the fairways are dry and dusty, parched and patchy, the wind that blows hard affects the flight of the ball but does not mitigate  the harshness of the  heat beating down from the cloudless sky.

Considering all that adversity to combat, scores were not expected to be exceptional but there were some surprises in store, a couple of players arising their game to beat their handicap and a few not too far off theirs.

On top of the score sheet were two names that have been appearing there frequently of late, Qamar Somji and Miqdad Walji, both with 37 stableford points. 

Their tight contest for the coveted Chairman’s Prize was resolved in favour of Qamar who had an excellent back nine of two over par 38 resulting in 21 points against Miqdad’s more even distribution of 19 and 18 points respectively for the two nines. Qamar had suffered an early set back with the blanked 1st but recovered both lost points with pars on the stroking 4th and 6th, losing however two more points through double bogeys on the 5th and the 9th, ending the first nine with 16 points.

Coastweek -- Regina Kaveke (left), Guest Winner during 2016 Chairman’s Prize (P. Kimanga), at Mombasa Golf Club with 34 points, receives a prize from KLGU Past Representative Cheryl Bush.

With this deficit of 2 points to cover, Qamar set about to start scoring on the back nine, catching a birdie on the stroking 13th for a haul of 4 points, preceded earlier   with another birdie, a 2 club on the 12th which was worth 3 points.

Three more holes, the 11th, 15th and 18th, all stroking holes yielded 3 points a piece off pars, leaving Qamar with a surplus of 6 points, two of which two of which went to make up the blanked 17th and one towards the loss of a point through a bogey on the 16th, leaving him with the  winning count back of 21 points on the back nine and the Chairman’s Prize.

Miqdad on the other hand had made a great start with 3 points coming off pars on the stroking 1st and 2nd and picked two more surplus points off pars on the 4th and 6th.

However, he lost three of the four surplus points through triple bogeys on the  double stroking 5th and 9th and a double bogey on the 7th to finish with 19 points.

The start on the back nine was equally profitable as in  the first nine, three points each coming off pars on the 10th and 11th.

He then produced 3 points off another par on the stroking par five 14th but lost all three surplus points to a double bogey on the 12th and  the blanked 13th to finish with 18 points and  lose the count back to Qamar.

His score of 37 points however placed him at the top of the men’s list.

Miqdad was followed by two gentlemen, Bernard Simiyu and Peter Mwangi on equal score of 35  points. Between them too the count back was clear beyond any doubt.

Bernard made his 35 with a break down of 15 and 20 while Peter went in the opposite direction with 20 and 15.

With two blanks, the 4th and 9th costing 4 points and one more through  a double bogey on the 7th, Bernard still managed to finish the 1st nine with 15 by picking up 2  extra points with three  each on the 2nd and 7th.

On the back nine Bernard had a haul of 4 points on the stroking 15th with a par which he repeated on the 18th which took care of the blanked 16th and a point each lost on the 13th and 14th.

But a gain of a point each on the 11th and 17th left him in surplus of two.

Peter too had his share of 4 points a hole through a birdie on the 8th  which levelled off  the loss of a point each on the 1st and the 7th and pars on the 3rd and 15th  earned him 3 points each, leaving him with  a total of  20 points for the 1st nine.

His advantage of this surplus was however lost on the back nine with the blanked 15th and two more points were depleted through double bogeys on the 10th and 16th.

Peter could recover only one point through a par on the 13th and ended with 15 points for the nine. 

Wilfred Achila followed the two with 34 points to take the fourth place on the men’s side after beating Mark Mbua with his count back of 19 against Mark’s 15.

On the ladies side, Mary Mariga won with 31 points, Florence Karimi following in the Runner up place with 28 points.

The Best Guest prize was  taken by a gentleman with a score that overtook the Runner up Man and the Runner up Guest prize was taken by a lady who overtook the Best Lady’s  score.

This sort of performance of high quality by a guest is not usual at the Front Club  but  perhaps not so surprising considering that the Best Guest Daniel Nduva is completely at home with his long association with the Club as a junior and Regina Kaveke, now a visitor at Mombasa, actually started her golf at Mombasa and so is familiar with the demanding course.

Daniel produced his regulation 36 points with two very consistent nines of 18, albeit each containing a blank, starting with the very first and the 15th on the back nine, but the loss of two points on the 1st and one on the 3rd to a bogey was made up  with a par on the 5th, the only stroking hole his handicap permits and birdies on the 8th and the 9th.

In the back nine birdies on the 13th and  14th  made up for the blanked 15th.

One more birdie came along on the 17th but the point gain there was immediately  lost to a bogey on the 18th.

There were prizes for the Best Senior, taken by Paul Macharia with 30 points and  Best Past Chairman prize by Eric Nyongesa also on the same score of 30.

The Chairman had also invited caddies two of whom turned in very good performance on medal round, Salim Ali coming on top with 71 nett to take the first prize and Ellie Ondoti was the Runner up with nett 72.

The generous prize line and the refreshments, lunch and dinner were courtesy of a long line of sponsors, from the tea circle to which the Chairman belongs.

They were, taking in alphabetical order, African Tea Brokers, Anjeli Tea Brokers,   Atlas Tea Brokers, Choice Tea Brokers E A Ltd, Combrook Tea Brokers, Kericho Gold,  Prudential Tea Brokers, Union Tea Brokers, Venus Tea Brokers and friends of the Chairman.

The Chairman showed his appreciation by presenting tokens to the sponsors and   friends and all others who helped him for the competition and through the year.

In turn, much to his delight, at the end of the proceedings, he was called upon to blow candles on and cut a surprise birthday cake to mark his birthday, bringing the day to a celebratory end.


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