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168 drug suspects arrested in Tanzania’s ongoing crackdown

ARUSHA Tanzania (Xinhua) -- At least 168 people, 28 of them women, have been arrested in Tanzania’s capital Dodoma in connection with narcotic drugs, authorities said Wednesday.

Christina Mndeme, Dodoma District Commissioner said that the suspects were arrested in different locations across the city for the past two weeks when the countrywide narcotic drugs crackdown started.

She disclosed that those arrested are currently languishing in police custody, as they wait for the investigation before being taken to court.

According to Mdeme, most of the suspects were found in possession of khat, marijuana, and cocaine.

The official named hot spots for illicit drugs within the municipality as Makutupora, Veyula, Msalato, Chadulu, Miyuji, Zuzu, Mbabala, and Chinangali West wards.

Other areas are Madukani, Mlezi, Hazina, and Airport. But she added that other spots are likely to spring up due to the expected large influx of people looking to set up residence in Dodoma as the designated new capital takes shape.

The official expressed concern that with Dodoma slated to be the nation’s capital and government seat, the availability of drug dealers along its streets remains a big embarrassment.

Mndeme called on local government leaders to report any cases of illicit drug trading and use, whether in public or private, in their areas of jurisdiction.

She described the ongoing narcotics crackdown as a real and of a national nature.

“My request to you is to intensify the war on illicit drugs since this war is not for the police alone. Please use all the weapons at your disposal to end the problem in your areas,” she added.

District police spokesman Daniel Shilah urged the general public to come forward and promptly report such cases as they occur.


Tanzanian police arrest 80 in ongoing narcotics crackdown

ARUSHA, Tanzania (Xinhua) -- Tanzanian police said Tuesday that 80 suspects were arrested for alleged involvement in narcotics use, trafficking and trade.

Charles Mkumbo, Arusha Regional Police Commander, told reporters in the country’s northern safari capital of Arusha that one police officer was among the 80 people arrested in a special crackdown carried out across the region.

He said that the arrest of D/CPL Zakayo who is now being interrogated by his office for allegedly soliciting bribe from drug dealers during the crackdown.

According to Mkumbo, the police officer was arrested following a month long crackdown carried out by the police force.

“During the crackdown it came to our attention that Zakayo was going round blackmail people so that he could cash in from the cleanup,” the regional police chief explained.

Mkumbo added that during the similar crackdown, the force nabbed 14 people for being in possession of 167 pellets of Heroin.

According to the regional commander, the crackdown also yielded the arrest of 12 suspects over the possession of 33 kilograms of khat.

Detailing further on the one-month extensive search, Mkumbo said his force netted 54 suspects over the possession of 3,845 rolls of marijuana.

The suspects have since been charged at different courts in the region, according to Mkumbo.

The police boss was not ready to disclose to the press the value of the narcotics, neither was he ready to unveil the identities of the suspects for fear of tempering with the on-going investigations.

The war on drugs has in the country continues to gain momentum few days after the Tanzanian President John Magufuli waged war against narcotics, directing the national security and defence forces to apprehend all suspects irrespective of their status.



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