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COASTWEEK, September 21 - 27, 1979:

Coastweek -- THE 1979 CENSUS dragged on for its fourth consecutive week in Mombasa as poll officials compared and made notes at the DC’s office. A total of 322,321 people had been counted thus far with more people continuing to come forward claiming that they had not been counted.

A ‘Special Edition’ of Coastweek was air-freighted the previous week to Zurich, Switzerland by African Tours and Hotels for the month-long Kenya Food Safari being hosted at the Nova Park Hotel. The special issue had the front page in German with an exclusive report on the food safari, aimed at boosting Kenya’s tourism.

Savings and Loan Kenya Limited, opened a new branch in Mombasa at Makena House, opposite Ambalal House, Nkrumah Road.

A new cinema named ‘Cleopatra Theatre’ opened over the weekend in Malindi by Nairobi businessman Harith Ali. The theatre had a capacity of 478 seats and the going rate for tickets was K.Sh 5/50, 8/50 and 12/- per person.

A container Study Team representing British and Continental Shipowners visited Kenya and Tanzania where they had discussions with top officials in the Ports, Railways, Road Transport companies, Customs and Government departments.

Delegates From 159 countries, including 40 Ministers elected Kenyan Minister for Power and Communications Hon. Isaac Omolo Okero as Vice President of the 18th Universal Postal Congress being held in Rio de Janeiro,  Brazil.

Tanzania was to beginning using crop-waste as a source of energy to run its machinery in the rural areas.

The crop-waste would be transformed into combustible gas known as Bio-Gas which could be used to drive machinery using diesel engines in the Ujamaa villages.

The energy project was to be jointly undertaken by the state owned Small-scale Industries Development Organization (S.I.D.O.) and The Netherlands Twente University of Technology.

The pilot plant would be constructed in Arusha and later be extended to other areas if successful.

The World Bank sounded an urgent warning on the consequences of the population explosion expected in developing countries by the end of the century.

The Washington based body estimated that the global population would rise by about 2,000 million to about 6,000 million.

NAAZ Cinema was showing Michael Crichton’s thriller ‘Coma’ starring Genevieve Bujold and Michael Douglas. KENYA and REGAL Cinemas were adults only fare with ‘Carry on Emmannuelle’ and ‘Au Pair Girl’, respectively. Rajesh Khanna concocted quite a masala at CHOX Cinema, in ‘Bawarchi’ (The Cook) with Jaya Bhaduri.

Letter writers included ‘Firebug’, Aftab S. Mohamedabhai, Kenneth Otieno, and Salma Khan all of Mombasa, Clive Poulton of Kensington, London, Abdalla Habib of Malindi, ‘Pied Piper’ of Kisauni, Lamberto Artioli of Milano, Italy, and Elizabeth Dalton of Watamu.

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