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Coastweek-- Reputed ghazal singer Azhar Mughal [centre] with tabla player Ustad Khadam Hussain Khan [right] and the Santoor player Altaf Pathan during a performance at the Little Theatre Club.
An Evening of Classical Asian Lyric Poems at Little Theatre Club

Coastweek-- An entertaining evening of ghazals (lyric poems), devotional songs to pay tribute to the singers of the golden era of the Indian/Pakistani film industry was presented by Azhar Mughal.

The stage at the Little Theatre Club was professionally decorated to welcome Azhar Mughal for his melodious presentation.

The period of early 1950’s and late 1970’s could truly be called the golden era of the

India / Pakistan film industry.

For three hours, Azhar Mughal took his audience back to the era of Indian musical era which remains alive even when the craze for wild pop music is rampant.

Azhar Mughal, is a well known and reputed singer of Kenya, specializes in singing melodies of the golden era and Ghazals.

His singing displays his immense knowledge of the entire spectrum of the Eastern music and especially its relationship with ghazal singing.

The ghazal helps to shape and refine public taste and needs a close and careful listening.

With the tabla (membranophone percussion instrument) genius Ustad Khadam Hussain Khan and the Santoor player Altaf Pathan, Azhar Mughal mesmerized the audience with his charming voice.

Azhar Mughal has been singing for decades at private parties and public functions.

He considers maestro Mehdi Hassan as his disciple.

During Mehdi Hassan’s visit to Mombasa, Azhar Mughal, as part of the organizing team was personally requested by Mehdi Hassan to open the concert with couple of items.

A moment of great pride to share the stage with his idol Mehdi Hassan.

It was from this stage Azhar took to singing ghazals.

The Ghazal has been rightly described as the pride of Urdu poetry.

The Ghazal helps to shape and refine public taste.

The Ghazal is not only melody, but a blend of thought and feeling.

Each couplet of a Ghazal is a self-sufficient unit, detachable and quotable, generally containing the complete expression of an idea.

It is entirely owing to singers like Mehdi Hassan, Jagjeet Singh, Talat Mahmood and many other Ghazal singers, Urdu Ghazal is gaining popularity.

During recent years there has been a remarkable revival of interest, as is evidenced by the rise of Ghazal singers and listeners.

Azhar Mughal is a versatile singer who is equally at home singing Punjabi songs, famous oldies, ghazals, devotional Naats and Bajhans (hymns).

He has successfully performed at numerous musical shows not only in Mombasa and Nairobi but also other parts of Kenya.

He was also lucky to be exposed to folk singing by the great Shaukat Ali, during his stay in England, and was lucky to have performed there in numerous social gatherings.

Azhar Mughal is a man of multi-faceted talent.

Besides singing, he has also displayed his acting talent in many hit plays.

His passion also includes cooking and taking care of his family.

He operates Milios, Mombasa, serving the best pizzas in Town, and is popularly remembered as Mr. Milio amongst his younger clients.

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