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Students of Excellence Childrens Centre Nairobi | Coastweek

Coastweek -- Students of Excellence Childrens Centre Nairobi. Sifa has 420 pupils in pre-primary and primary classes.

Kul Bhushan: Kenya Hindus bring smiles to Nairobi African pupils

NEW DELHI -- Over 8,500 needy African pupils in Nairobi, Kenya, are provided with lunches, books and pens by the Hindu Religious and Service Center, a religious and social welfare organization, reports Swami Anand Kul Bhushan.

HRSC representatives recently visited one of them, Sifa Children’s Center in one of the low income areas of Nairobi to review the progress of the assistance programme.

The beaming faces of African pupils said it all but they thanked the donors in Swahili by saying 'Asante Sana' or 'Thank You Very Much'.

Sifa has 420 pupils in pre-primary and primary classes.

Most of the children are from disadvantaged families.

The HRSC has been providing funding for lunch for all students at Sifa for some time.

HRSC was represented by Shantibhai Shah, Mansukhbhai Shah and Bhimjibhai Halai.

In addition to presenting the cheque for the third term lunch costs, HRSC also donated books and pens for the students.

The visit was arranged by the Ruparel Memorial Foundation which has been supporting Sifa for the last ten years. The foundation provides bursaries for 40 orphans and needy children at the school.

The foundation was represented by two trustees Shila Jayant Ruparel and Ravi Jamnadas Ruparel.

HRSC also visited Excellence Children’s Center in Nairobi to review the progress of the lunch programme. Excellence has 720 students in pre-primary, primary and secondary.

Most children are from disadvantaged families.

The HRSC has been providing funding for lunch for all students at Excellence since 2013. HRSC also donated books and pens.

Kenya Hindus have always been pro-active to serve the Kenyan nation in any misfortune.

The Hindus are less than one per cent of the total population but their social welfare contribution is far in excess of their numbers.

At the time of Kenya’s independence in 1963, there were over 200,000 Hindus in Kenya (still less than one per cent of total population, mostly from Gujarat and Punjab.

Due to Africanisation policy of the new government, the majority of Hindus, indeed all Asians, migrated to the UK, Canada, USA and Australia among other countries.

So their numbers dwindled.

Later, in the 1970s and 1980s, more Hindus, among other Indians, arrived to settle in Kenya.

Among them, a good number were from South India.

But the Gujaratis dominate the Hindu population. According to the 2009 Census, there are of 53,393 Hindus in Kenya.

Today, the Gujarati community in Kenya is estimated at over 60,000, and is dispersed throughout the country.


Bhimjibhai Halai | Coastweek

Coastweek -- Bhimjibhai Halai presenting a cheque for school feeding to Excellence Childrens Centre principal Moses Wokono.

Sifa Excellence pupil enjoying their midday meal  | Coastweek

Coastweek -- Sifa Excellence pupil enjoying their midday meal - Monday to Friday.

Shantibhai presenting school feeding cheque | Coastweek

Coastweek -- Shantibhai Shah presenting school feeding cheque to Sifa Excellence Center Head teacher Francis Wanjala in presence of Manubhai Shah.

They started off as small shopkeepers in the 19th century and later expanded their businesses.

After independence, they established small and medium industries.

Today, there are a number of industrial groups of Gujarati Hindus in Kenya.

With scores of Hindu communities all over the country building their own temples and social facilities, an umbrella organization, the Hindu Council of Kenya was established.

The Sikh community organisations are also members of this council.

HCK is associated with the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and the BJP.

The Council is recognised by the Kenya Government and has branches at Kisumu Mombasa, Eldoret, Nakuru and Mt. Kenya (Nyeri area).

Active in many areas of religious and social welfare projects, HCK also presents Hindu interests to the Kenya government.

Due to its efforts, the term Non-Muslim for replaced with their correct name and Diwali has been declared as a national holiday for Kenya Hindus.

Most of all it spearheads the assistance to the needy.



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