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NEW DELHI (Xinhua) -- Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi shakes hands with Afghan President Hamid Karzai [left] before their meeting at Hyderabad House in New Delhi, India. Prime Minister Modi shakes hands with his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif [centre] and with Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa [right] before their meetings. XINHUA PHOTOS - PARTHA SARKAR

A change of guard from Moribund India to ‘Modified’ Bharat

NEW DELHI -- India that is Bharat has had a change of guard, writes Kul Bhushan.

The reins of the nation have been passed on from an Oxford educated renowned economist to a self-made, self-taught social worker who started as a tea seller on a railway station.

This is a move from modernizing India to eternal values of Bharat.

The clipped English accent has given way to pristine Hindi.

The cocktail circuit, convent educated upper crust has always dismissed them as HMT or Hindi Medium Training.

Now the HMTs have taken over.

But with the latest technology and skills.

The pomp and ceremony of the swearing in of Narenedra Modi as the new Prime Minister is no less than that of the US President.

The oath ceremony is the biggest such event with 4,000 guests, eight heads of state of neighbouring countries, 19,000 security personnel in the backdrop of imperial ramparts of the Presidential Estate inherited from the British rulers.

The ceremony will be seen live by many thousands on giant TV screens in a major stadium, an open air public grounds and in many markets in the capital.

The old Delhi market of sprawling Chandani Chowk is all decorated with flowers and lighting to celebrate the event and huge TV screens to show it live.

A huge fireworks display will follow the ceremony.

The news will be flashed all over India and round the world with live telecast abroad by Indian channels.

The big news is the arrival of the Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

The big speculation about will he come or not dominated the Indian news for two days until he confirmed his arrival.

This became possible when Sharif’s brother persuaded the Pakistani army to give its nod.

But the terror groups are not happy and some said he should travel on a one-way ticket.

Despite all this, Sharif made the trip with other heads of state, including the Prime Minister of Mauritius.

From a moribund government, the nation moves to an action oriented governance.

The aim is to kick start the economy, fight corruption, provide jobs and improve relations with the neighbouring states.

The new Prime Minister Narendra Modi has won a thumping victory at the polls and raised sky high the hopes of the people.

He took oath of office with his trimmed cabinet ministers at the biggest ever ceremony.

The action starts tomorrow on day one with one-to-one talks with leaders of all neighbouring countries to promote peace and trade.

At the same time, bold new measures to combat inaction, corruption, misgovernance and limpid growth will be launched.

The overall plan of action and its priorities have been worked out in detail.

It remains to be seen, how Modi takes everyone along on this short cut to progress and if he brings the desired results for the angry and impatient people who voted him to power.

Now all eyes are on this magnificent spectacle as India moves to Bharat.


Former Kenya journalist, editor, author, publisher and a media consultant, Kul Bhushan has worked at senior levels in different countries and continents for over 40 years with international and multi-national organizations.


Former Kenya journalist, editor, author, publisher and a media consultant Kul Bhushan | Coastweek



India’s prime minister designate Narendra Modi | Coastweek

NEW DELHI (Xinhua) -- India’s prime minister designate Narendra Modi [left] talks with the media outside the Presidential Palace in New Delhi, India. Prime Minister-designate Narendra Modi [right] is seen while addressing his assembly colleagues during a special session of the State Assembly to bid farewell to Modi in Gandhinagar. XINHUA PHOTOS - PARTHA SARKAR and STRINGER

Within hours of taking oath of office, Narendra Modi launched his new site. Check it out:


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